02/02 – Jubilations

Sorry for the late post but it was a late night.. It wasn’t my birthday yesterday as many of you believed but we did go out for my ‘birthday meal’ which was lovely. We visited a restaurant we haden’t been to before but the chef had previously worked somewhere we loved and I had a dish that used to be an absolute favourite of mine and was delighted to find that it was exactly the same. I must have had Chimichangas once a week during my pregnancy, I was obsessed so disappointed doesn’t cut it when describing my feelings when the menu changed, I’m so pleased to have rediscovered them here!

Chimichangas aside the night was lots of fun with lots of dancing and several drinks. I’m not a hardcore party girl anymore so I was home at a respectable time (midnight-ish) and as a result have not suffered today but I’m looking forward to my bed tonight already. I did vlog a little yesterday so if you’re interested here it is..

Miss BB


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