03/02 – Near Death Experience

Now I’ll admit that while I don’t drive often I am guilty of ‘back seat driving’ from time to time. I’m not a nervous passenger but you never know what the driver has seen and I do occasionally comment on Lee’s stopping distance as I never feel it’s enough were there ever an emergency brake situation. Well.. for years I have been told he has seen, he was looking, he knew, I’m making him jumpy.. today I received some small validation while very nearly throwing myself out of the car to safety. He absolutely had not seen the car in front of us and was going faster than he should have been in my opinion when I gasped and he had to swerve so as not to hit the car. Ok so maybe I am a cautious driver.. I probably brake more than I accelerate but this is why! A little background.. our brakes are not working as they should be (they’re scheduled to be fixed tomorrow), the kids were not in the car (thank god) and when he swerved to miss the car he nearly drove in to the front of a bus. It’s really not funny but in that moment I was looking at the driver and we were both inwardly screaming lol. As it happens all was well, he maneuvered out and we were on our way unscathed but it doesn’t make me feel any more confident about returning to the road. I’ve barely driven in the last 2 years and the main reason is that in a situation like today I would panic and freeze, although I was scared in that moment he knew what he was doing, he knew that the bus was stationery at a red light, he knew what the car was capable of (even with the brake issues) and he was confident in handling it. I would have hit the car and cried. It takes baby steps but I really must start driving again or I’ll end up one of those people with a license that daren’t get in the car. It took me so long to pass my test (another confidence issue) and so much money it would be such a waste to give up on it at only 26 (27 tomorrow eek)

But anyway.. enough of my “near death experience”, I’m sure there will be some who disagree with my making light of a narrowly avoided car accident but it’s these small escapes that make you realise how lucky you are to be here at all! Here’s today’s video..

Miss BB


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