05/03 – Custom iPhone Case

Today’s diary post comes to you as a review. I received this custom phone case from caseapp.co.uk yesterday morning and have been wrestling with the idea of reviewing it since. As a blogger I am sent things on occasion and when I perhaps have less than glowing comments it’s always a dilemma.. to review or not to review. I decided since my irks with this are slight I would go ahead as it’s a very cool service and I’m generally happy with it.. but then I got it for free, I had to consider if I’d still be so happy if I’d paid £24 for it! The answer? No! but Why? Quality!  I am an eBay girl at heart and never pay more than a few pounds for a phone case so regardless of the picture on the back if I was paying £24 for one I’d expect it to feel like it was worth that and this (in my opinion) doesn’t. It felt flimsier than the one I had on already which cost a fraction of the price and there’s something about it that just doesn’t feel as nice (rhyming? really?) so I can’t in good conscience tell you that this is an amazing product, however.. I have done some research and caseapp seem very competitive, some companies are charging upwards of £40 for the same service so although I think this could be better they are still one of the cheaper alternatives out there. I will say also that having revisited the site today the cases seem to start at £19 and I’m not sure why mine was higher but that’s something to note if you’re considering a purchase. I chose a chevron monogram I made on a paint program as I’ve seen similar styles on US sites so often but they’re so expensive here in the UK.. another thing to note.. this was still cheaper than the eBay monogrammed alternatives. One last thing I’m kicking myself over is the colour of the case, I didn’t realise until I went back online today that you could choose the colour and the white doesn’t look great with my black iPhone but hey ho.. you live you learn – pay attention!

Overall I’m really happy with the design and once it’s on the phone the quality doesn’t matter so much I guess, I just think if I’d spent that money I’d have been a little disappointed but maybe I’ve just been lucky in the past with the cheap one’s I’ve bought being made well. Lastly if they did start making iPad mini cases I’d seriously consider a purchase as they’re so tough to find now as it is and the ones available are priced pretty steep given the limited availability.. plus I’d love it to match my phone (geek) so although I didn’t feel I could totally talk them up there’s actually nothing wrong with the service, the case came quickly and you can put whatever design you like on the back, including a collage of instagram pictures – just a thought!

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  1. 9 March, 2013 / 10:11 pm

    I like the design, but I change my case far too often to pay too much for one. I am an Ebay girl too

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