08/03 – Face Mask Friday (kind of)

So this is not technically a face mask Friday post cause I’m still wearing said mask and cannot yet review it but I’m very impressed thus far so consider this a teaser for next week. It’s a new 2 step blemish treatment from Montagne Jeunesse (if I got that right from memory I want a round of applause.. If not let’s all move on) that I spotted in Asda earlier and since I have a monster breakout on my cheek and one just erupting on my chin it couldn’t have popped up at a better time. I will be at the FABB event tomorrow in Leeds so I’d rather not look like I’m growing a twin on the side of my fave and am testing much faith in the tingly stuff I currently have slathered on it.. It feels interesting! Another little note is that my very first business cards arrived today, pretty cool and I will review the service soon as I managed to get 50 free (+p&p) and they came in 4 days so I’m well happy as I wasn’t expecting to get them in time for tomorrow – I’m too tight to pay for express postage.

Oh and how could I forget?? My replacement disco pants arrived!! They fit like a bleedin’ dream.. Size SIX! Gotta love ASOS for their vanity sizing but I’d have preferred to have had ones that fit first time! So for anyone out there wondering what size to choose, I’m 2 sizes smaller and a friend of mine who took my original pair is at least a size down so order small!

Miss BB


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  1. 9 March, 2013 / 2:06 pm

    I love the idea of disco pants but not sure I can brave wearing them with my hips…..and I saw this girl wearing them who looked amazing (granted she was tiny!) but the boy said “why is she wearing bottoms like sandy from grease?” that made me lol, can’t look at them any other way now! looking forward to see how you style them xxx

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