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cream eyeshadow smokey eye chanel charlotte tilbury glossier

Is ‘smokey -eye’ sill a thing? Regardless I have discovered 4 AMAZING shadows that each give off enough smokey goodness to work alone. If you are looking for an incredibly easy eye, look no further! Each of the below work just as well during the day as they do amped up for the evening so they’re the perfect desk to dinner companion. If (like me) you’re getting a little lazy and can’t be bothered to slave over your ‘going out face’ on the rare occasion you do go out, they will tick your box too!

Chanel / H&M / Glossier / Charlotte Tilbury

cream eyeshadow smokey eye chanel charlotte tilbury glossier

I’m actually realising now I look at these swatches that I may have inadvertently discovered a couple of decent ‘dupes’ here. The Glossier Lid Star in Fawn blends out to a sheer, glittery finish much like the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire and they share a grieg-ey tone. The H&M Colour Essence Eye Cream in Dauphine Truffle in a less sparkly, moussey version of the Charlotte Tilbury  Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze.

In both cases the cheaper versions actually have more staying power, though the more expensive offer a prettier finish initially. All of the above can be blended out for daytime or a less ‘in yer face’ look or worn with more intensity.. or even together for a little more dimension. I’m really enjoying the new Lidstar from Glossier for a quick wash of colour that I know will last a work day.. in fact I also bought it in the green colour (sage?) and think I may have to complete the set. A lot of Glossier is a bit ‘meh’ but when they get it right they really get it right.

The Chanel is an amazing topper if you want some sparkle but are afraid of glitter (I have experienced a little fall out but it’s minimal and not very obvious since it’s so fine) but worn alone it’s just a hint of colour and so, so pretty. The H&M colour mousse has been a firm favourite for quite a while and one that really made me look again at cream shadows. It’s so easy to work with, a great daytime base to add to for the evening.

cream eyeshadow smokey eye chanel charlotte tilbury glossier

The newest addition is the Colour Chameleon pencil. I picked it up on a whim after killing time on counter while a friend tried on some lip liners. It’s pretty much a cream stick version of (my all time favourite) Smog from Urban Decay so if you like that this will be right up your street. It does crease and it’s less blendable layered on top of a primer so that’s really my only niggle right now but it’s such a good colour, I had to include it. If anyone has any good primer suggestions while we’re here, I’m all ears!

I have become so lazy when it comes to eye makeup in recent years. I think I’m so concerned about what will look flattering as it wears that I just shy away from a lot of colour and heavy stuff but these are all simple and effective products that even the laziest among you will love!




  1. Christina Grieve
    18 March, 2018 / 6:32 pm

    I regret not purchasing a lid star last week when I places a glossier order, I’d love to see a blog post on all colours showing swatches and heavy and light looks

  2. Sam
    26 March, 2018 / 11:17 pm

    I find the maybelline colour tattoos are great bases for those cream type pencils or eyeshadows that love to crease, the “crème de rose” shade is a great Matt nudish one rather than a coloured base which I don’t always want x

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