10 Tips To Survive Working From Home in A Heatwave

I am so guilty of complaining when we get a bit of nice weather here in the UK and let me tell you, people do NOT like it! I was definitely over the cold by the time we had our second snowstorm in March and my mood is greatly improved my the SUN but there’s a difference between craving a sunny afternoon and not appreciating a month long heatwave worthy of a Las Vegas vacation.

It’s just no fun when you have things to do so I’ve put together 10 tips for work-from-homers who are currently in a tail spin of resentment that this weather is here to be enjoyed and you’re stuck indoors, losing motivation by the minute.

1. Sit in a bright spot in the house

The sunshine really does help me and so long as the brightest spot is not also the hottest spot, it can really boost your mood and in turn your productivity. That being said.. always having a fan on hand is also absolutely essential! That and ALL the water cause 1. HOT and 2. Your skin will be LUSH!

2. Stay Off Social Media

Nothing will bring you down like other peoples holiday pictures. Knowing it’s hotter than hell outside and that someone you know is lying by a pool, sipping cocktails will only enrage you further. Make a point not to check socials during the day.. a good idea while you’re working anyway but especially when you don’t want to be reminded that all your mates have clocked off early and are already down the pub

3. Book A Day Off

Even the self employed need to take annual leave, you know! If there’s a spell of good weather coming up plan to take a day/afternoon off and reschedule your work accordingly. No guilt if you’ve doubled down on work the previous week so you could take some time off.

4. Treat Yourself

Buy some frozen lollies (this is such a polarsing one, I know.. what do you call ice pops etc?) or just stock up on ice and some summery drinks to keep you cool and enjoy the summer in spirit.

5. Set an actual finish time

I never do this. I don’t keep regular hours but this week I’ve worked solidly between 9-3 and then once the kids are home I’ve allowed myself time to sit in the garden while they play. Usually I’d take that time to get more done while they’re distracted but I have so enjoyed this time that I think I’m going to make it a habit in the colder months too. Not necessarily in the garden but just time to relax.. watch TV etc. I often go back to something later one once they’re in bed but knowing I have some sunshine time coming makes me less irritable when I’m stuck at a computer at lunch time.

6. Stay Away From Caffiene/Alcohol

This is very much a do as I say not as I do tip because I am a coffee/energy drink fiend (replace with beer in the evening). I shouldn’t be, however, because not only do they are said to be de-hydrating but I already suffer from major headaches year round and they seem to work as a team with the heat to completely put me out of action. If you can avoid them, do. ALSO.. Drink more water! Just like, LOADS OF WATER! K?

7. Take A Walk

If you just have to get out there, resist the sun lounger. Take a walk. When I’m feeling lethargic and generally ‘bleugh’ I find a walk in the fresh air can really invigorate me. You’ll get your hit of Vitamin D and hopefully return to your desk refreshed.

8. Pimp Your Fan

I love this trick! If it’s really hot, like uncomfortable hot, the last thing you need is to open the windows and let in all of that hot air (and FLIES! Why are there so many freaking flies??) but a fan will be doing very little without a source of ‘cold’. Put a couple of water bottles in the freezer then put them behind your fan to create your own DIY air conditioner.

9. Stay Away From The Oven

Obvious one but I made mac’n’cheese last night (like an idiot) and by the time it was cooked I couldn’t stand to look at it. I was a sweaty mess. If you’re still craving carbs (like me) and can’t face a salad (guilty) sandwiches are your new best friend. I’m actually quite keen on making myself a lunch ahead of time for my work from home days. When I get peckish, having a pre-made snack waiting for me means dinnertime is less of a distraction and it takes me less time to get back in to work after I’ve eaten.

10. Get off the sofa!

You heard me. I know you. My favourite incentive to do this is filling a bowl with icy cold water for my feet. I like to put in some salts or something to up the ‘spa’ vibe.. essential oils are a nice touch. It’s also considerably more comfortable to work at my dining table when it’s hot for 3 reasons, 1. the laptop gets HOT on my knee, 2. my sofa is leather, 3. the (worlds warmest) dog can’t cuddle up next to me on a dining chair.. try as he might.

I’m actually writing this from that very spot right now. I am often irritated that my living room is always in the shade but as it’s currently midday I’m happy to be in the coolest room even if it’s not to brightest 😉 ..and the dog is laying with his head UNDER the sofa.. it’s THAT warm.

What are your tips for getting sh*t done when it’s so freaking hot out there??



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