10/03 – Thanks For Borning Me Day!

When Ella was little she once said “if you didn’t want to play with me, why did you born me?” – the phrase stuck and is now somewhat of a running joke regarding the children and their many wants and needs. I thought that needed explaining for those who take my writing too literally at times, we have renamed Mother’s Day! Few women describe childbirth as easy so I won’t give you the same old line about hours of labour and painful recoveries but I think we mothers really earned our day of thanks and mine was lovely. It’s nice to be appreciated and as much as they appreciate me I appreciate my two beautiful children and my husband who is at times both Father and Mother to them when my second (blogging) life gets in the way!

I hope all you parents out there had a great Sunday with your families!

Miss BB



  1. Wendy Crimmins
    10 March, 2013 / 6:04 pm

    Happy Mothers Day :):):) !!!

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