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I’ve had this for a couple of months now and have used it on everything from my lips to my feet so I think it’s about time I wrote it up for you guys. I had heard a little about Yu-Be from other blogs but it seemed a little gimmicky and given the blogs featuring it I assume dit was expensive.. not so. A tube of blistex for example is £2.53 (on the Tesco website) for 5g where as this is £13.11 for 33g so if you used it soley for your lips you’d be quids in. Of course this is very much a multi-purpose balm so I wouldn’t expect you to do that but y’know.. it’s all relative and a little goes a long way so even used on dry elbows and such this is going to last you a while so you get pretty good value for money.


I’ve had some major dry skin issues lately both on my face after a bad reaction to a face mask (another story) and on my hands and feet. I really should have blogged the whole hands and feet issue as I still don’t know what caused it and I’m sure among you diverse bunch someone could have diagnosed me. My fingertips were peeling, it spread the the rest of my hands, skipped my body and started again at my feet. My feet are actually still in a pretty bad way but they’re getting better every day because of the layer of Yu-Be I’ve been applying every night. Although it’s greasy at first it absorbs pretty quickly and rather than something like Vaseline which sits on the skin and creates a barrier to protect it but doesn’t really do anything deep down this really seems to hydrate the area to which it’s applied. It’s the best overnight treat for my lips that I”ve found yet (though I’m still looking for the ONE in that department) and I’ve even used it on Milo’s nappy rash.. with much success I might add. Much like 8hr cream and it’s many product relatives this is a good one to have in for a variety of family ailments let alone basic beauty benefits.

Available online here for £13.11

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  1. 21 June, 2013 / 12:43 am

    I love reading reviews of multi-purpose products like this because they always sound so amazing! But I can never for the life of me seem to use a product for more than one thing myself, I like to have a product for one thing, another product for another. This sounds like one I might finally give a go though! Have you tried Lanolips? The Lemonaid version is my favourite overnight lip treat and it comes in a tube that lasts for ages! Great post 🙂 xo

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