14/02 – This Is 40 – Film “Review”

It’s Valentines Day folks and where a lot of you are going down the “just your average Thursday” route I actually went out for my first V-Day date in 10 years!!! Between having an almost 8 year old and other scheduling problems I’ve just never had the opportunity so when my brother offered to watch the kids for us we jumped at the chance! We decided to go to the cinema because barring heavy drinking its the only thing we can’t do with the kids (they can have the occasional beer, right?) and so we never get to go. I actually cannot recall the last adult film (not like that) we saw at the cinema) and the one thing we’d seen advertised recently which we both wanted to see was “This Is 40”.. Decision made. First of all its a Judd Apatow movie starring not only his wife but his two children.. Secondly it’s the “kind of sequel to knocked up” – sold! For this who saw that it basically follows Katherine Heigl’s sister and her family almost 10 years on with the parents turning 40, a teenage daughter and a new phase of life to deal with. It paints a bleak picture of ageing and marriage but I think we’ve had enough of rosy perfection and over the last few years we’ve had more realistic families in movies which may not be to everyone’s taste but they’re relatable and they’re not going to make you feel like shit for not being perfect yourself. I’d absolutely recommend it, my only irk is it was a little longer than it needed to be.. I think they could have told the story in maybe 20mins less but I’d happily rewatch, I pretty much love everything Leslie Mann is in but I think that’s largely down to her husband.

What did you do this evening?

Miss BB


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