17 Miracle Matte Pressed Powder

I’ve had this powder for more than a month but it quickly became my setting powder of choice and I thought after this past weekend away it really deserved it’s own post. I picked it up instead of my regular shine control powder last time I was in Boots and I’m still not sure whether this is a replacement, an addition or just the same thing repackaged but regardless, I love it! A combination of this powder and (wait for it) Bourjois Healthy Mix original formula (more on that total change of heart later) is the recipe for the most long lasting base I’ve managed in years, and the weather has been less than perfect recently! I keep this and my Duo Fiber Sigma brush in my bag for touch ups but since I switched to this ‘version’ I have found I rarely need to touch up at all. I can’t support it’s 16 hr shine control claim (not even close) but I can get away with just one midday touch up when I’m out for the whole day and for me that’s brilliant! It’s the best timing to discover this as I should be returning to work soon and there’s no better test of foundation products in my opinion so we’ll see how it fares then but as of right now I couldn’t recommend it enough. Lightweight, not cakey regardless of layering and I don’t get that weird white cast in photos. You may also be interesting in my review of the 17 Miracle Matte foundation which was released earlier this year. You can read that here and although it wouldn’t be the first thing I reached for now my skin is on the drier side when it was combination oily I found it to be a great base product.

17 is not a brand I gravitate towards often but their powders and foundations are such great value I can’t resist. Mental note – branch out, there may be some other gems among those racks in Boots!!!

Miss BB


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  1. Cherry
    11 June, 2013 / 2:49 pm

    Hiya, great post. I’ve bought the pressed powder and will be checking it out. Following you on bloglovin, I like budget beauty posts!

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