23/03 – Out Sick

I haven’t felt quite right all day today. You know that feeling you have just before you’re up all night with food poisoning it some such ailment? I feel as though I will be struck down with something horrendous any moment now but.. Not yet. Needless to say I have not yet completed day 3 of the Shred and am so disappointed as physically I don’t ache too much and I could do it but I just feel awful!

I’ve taken a Zantac and am hoping that will settle my tummy before bed but if you have some great home remedy I’m all ears! If I’m honest I never really feel 100% and I generally put it down to the food I eat.. I always feel better for eating better and it usually takes for it to get this bad for me to make the (temporary) change. I’m sure I have an abnormally sensitive digestive system, does anyone else feel this way?

Miss BB

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17 thoughts on “23/03 – Out Sick”

  1. Wish I had a solution for this as I’m exactly the same today and have these sorts of days every few months, I always get the feeling I’m slightly intolerant to some foods but I’m never quite sure, hope you feel better soon!x

  2. I take strong painkillers daily which make my stomach a bit poorly so I take something to protect my stomach. Is there much of a pattern to when you feel a bit unwell. You might have a food intolerance, hope you feel better soon!! X

      1. If you get time you should make a food diary and then show it to your gp then they can look at what could be causing it. You should defo get it checked out though coz if its gluten intolerance it can be quite harmful in the long run if it goes untreated. X

      2. I am intolerant to some dairy and some wheat and beef.
        It can cause me to feel dreadfully sick and have a bad tummy.If you can stop all dairy, inc cheese and feel good then thats whats causing it.
        I have a friend who is worse than me but had kidney problems.He never eats any dairy or wheat or red meats.Hes well.

  3. Have you tried using Coconut Oil instead of Extra Virgin etc? I’ve heard it’s good for digesting and healthier than other cooking oils and fats. It’s also great as a hair mask and added to your eyelashes it makes them grow strong. Sorry your sick, big hugs.

  4. Have you tried ginger tea? It’s way more effective for nausea than peppermint, and doesn’t taste like chewing gum water. I drink it all the time as I get nausea constantly…!

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