#30in30 Boutique Gloss Warm The Cockles Of Your Heart


 Am I the only the one that was totally unaware that Sainsbury’s had a beauty line? Admittedly I don’t shop there so it’s no surprise I don’t know but I usually hear about budget ranges from readers who want reviews so I’m guessing this is a new one. The packaging is very nice, not cheap at all – kind of reminds me of Marks & Spencer.. anyone else? Not sure why. Not a basic tube, it has shape to it and is just a little different to every other low cost range which is refreshing. Recently it seems like certain budget brands are just launching identical products under different names but this is definitely different.


The colour I have is a nude/pink with a gorgeous golden shimmer running though it that when worn looks really beautiful. It wasn’t super opaque though, took a few layers to get to what you see here but saying that it’s a little drier (stickier) than your average gloss so it does stick around for longer – swings and roundabouts. Definitely not one to be worn with your hair down. I believe the range is priced from £4-£7 which honestly is a little steep for a supermarket brand but I guess Sainsbury’s is a little more high class clientele than say, Asda 😉 but still. That being said if it had launched in Boots or Superdrug I wouldn’t question the price point.

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