#30in30 – e.l.f Conditioning Lip Balm


Okay so I know you guys disagreed with me about yesterdays lipstick choice but today you have to admit.. not my colour! This wasn’t intentional, who knew a lip conditioner would be so pigmented? I expected a sheer pink balm but it’s really quite thick.. not the kind of thing I’d want to be applying without a mirror.


It’s lightly fragranced with vanilla and reminds me a little on the lip conditioners from MAC – at a fraction of the cost of course. The packaging was also a bit of a shock as it’s a lot larger than you’d expect from the picture online. The amount of product isn’t huge but the plastic tub is almost comically large for what it holds.. you’d think it had a cheek product in it rather than a tinted lip balm.. bizarre. I should have put in a coin for size reference in the picture. Another odd addition is a lift out seal to stop the product from drying out.. again so strange to have in something that would usually be a grab and go item.. I can’t imagine fiddling with multiple layers of packaging at a bus stop.. this is one for your vanity rather than your handbag I think.


 Finally once I applied it I felt a strong tingling sensation for about half an hour, I’d say it was on par with that injector from Too Faced.. what was it called? Lip Injector? …googles… Lip Injection! – link – Now that stuff really used to work but this is just a bit uncomfortable for no reason.. again, odd! There’s nothing quite right about this product and I’m just not sure whether I can recommend it but if you’ve tried it leave a comment and left me know what you thought.. maybe it’s just me.

£3.75 online here – the colour I have is Peaceful Pink

Miss BB



  1. Cheryl
    29 August, 2013 / 5:45 pm

    I’ve not tried many elf products, would you generally recommend them?
    I’ve also recently posted a ‘best of summer’ tag on my blog if you fancy checking it out.

  2. 29 August, 2013 / 7:26 pm

    I have one of these I really dislike 🙁 I will say that I liked yesterday’s colour on you but this isnt the best. The packaging is so ridiculous on mine as well.. I am honestly thinking of tossing it (mine is also a bad colour for me! sigh!)

  3. 29 August, 2013 / 7:27 pm

    That shade is gorgeous, looks really soft and cute!

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