#30in30 Makeup Revolution Dazzle

Makeup Revolution Dazzle

So earlier in this series I showed you a not so great (read: terrible) lipstick from Makeup Revolution which off the top of my head I think was called.. Beloved? Really bad, dry formula, streaky, sheer finish.. just no good. This is the total opposite, very much opaque, creamy, great colour payoff and well.. great colour. If this was the one and only Revolution lipstick I’d tried I’d be telling everyone how great they were for just a pound but because it’s not I’ll say be aware they are likely to be hit and miss but this one is worth your money. Of course because they are so cheap you can probably afford to buy a handful and for a couple to be duds but realise they may not always be as good as this one.  

Makeup Revolution Dazzle Lip SwatchMakeup Revolution Dazzle Worn

bolder colours seem to be easier for the lower budget brands to formulate.. much like shimmer eyeshadows vs matte they seem to do better at this so I’m not surprised that this was the best of the bunch I picked up. the wear time is pretty good too.. no worse than a lipstick you could pay considerably more for so if you like the colour I’d recommend it. Nice, creamy application, definitely doesn’t feel like a cheap lipstick but the packaging lets it down. On all three I have the lid falls off constantly, once it’s off it wont click back on so it’s loose and not going to be a product you want kicking around in your bag. Tough for a lipstick since you usually want to reapply it at some point. Not sure when I would actually use this because of that.

Available online here for £1.00

Miss BB



  1. LydiaGrace
    19 June, 2014 / 10:32 pm

    I also have, and love this lipstick, particularly over a lipstain! The slightest nudge really does take the lids off, I’ve had them come off in my makeup bag before which wasn’t great.

    I have five and this is the most long lasting, but I’m still wary so I prefer to dab it on over balm.

  2. Carla N.
    26 March, 2018 / 5:46 pm

    I LOVE the looks of this!
    I hastened to order one, for a grand total of a whopping $7.00 USD, and can’t wait to get it.
    I literally gave myself a headache, searching for this at the wrong site.
    I kept going to makeuprevolution instead of revolutionbeauty.
    Anyhow, here’s where you can order it:


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