#30in30 New Look Deep Pink

Okay, lighting is all important here! In real life the lipstick appears much more pink, maybe not as pink as in the top photo but definitely not as orangey as the lip swatch. I’d say the final pic is closest but it was still more pink than that, how annoying! I am SO excited about the new stuff I just picked up from New Look.. I wasn’t expecting to be bowled over by their makeup line and had so many of you not asked for an overview of the range I probably wouldn’t have bought ANYTHING but I did a mad dash today and everything I’ve swatched looks AWESOME! The lipsticks and creamy but still on the dry side for you matte lovers, the lip liners (which I’m also wearing here but isn’t affecting the colour) are VERY dry.. definitely not to be worn alone and they have Velvet lip pencils that I might have to squeeze in before our 30 lips in 30 days is up (might give myself 31 to catch up since I skipped a day or two)

I bought two shades in the lipstick, this one is deep pink, the other is a dark nude named mink.. both so ‘me’ but there were so many to choose from it was tough! There was even a bright fuchsia that looked really matte and reminded me a lot of MAC Flat Out Fabulous which we saw earlier this month. No generic colours here, really impressive selection! The packaging is basic but sleek and everything comes in secondary cardboard packaging.. everything about the branding of the ‘Pure Colour’ cosmetics reminds me of Bare Minerals but at a fraction of the cost. On that subject it’s not the CHEAPEST new brand on the high street right now (which is why I wasn’t super excited to run out and get it) but I really feel like you get something more for your money here, great products for maybe not a super low price but seriously worth a look if your local store stocks it. The lipstick was really long wearing as creamy formulas go, I wouldn’t necessarily buy the lip liner again as it was SO dry is was almost uncomfortable but the lipstick alone was lovely.

If you want to see what else I picked up you can watch my haul..

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  1. 28 July, 2015 / 9:28 pm

    Enjoyed your haul vid – really wouldn’t have thought about picking up New Look make-up – like you, I would have expected it to be rubbish, but some of it looks very tempting. Look forward to your more in-depth reviews.

  2. 29 July, 2015 / 2:22 am

    Beautiful colour 🙂

  3. 29 July, 2015 / 9:38 am

    That new look lipstick was a georgeous colour and I love your haul video

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