#30in30 Smooch Skinny Dipping

Smooch Skinny Dipping

 I actually have no idea where you can buy Smooch cosmetics.. I got this in a ‘lucky bag’ from the Clothes Show last year but I’ve never seen it in stores.. anyone else? I rarely use a lip liner but since I had one from the same brand in a near identical colour I thought it was worth a try.. I would really only ever use one with a bright lip but with a  nude like this it can help plump your natural lip shape.. I may be converted. Not for every day of course but special occasions when I can be bothered 😉

Smooch Skinny Dipping swatchSmooch Skinny Dipping worn

The formula of this was lovely, very creamy.. doesn’t last all that long because of that but those of you who hate the texture of a matte lip product would love this.. it’s like the anti-matte. The colour is also lovely, very flattering and although it was randomly selected for me it’s definitely one I would have chosen for myself. On an unrelated note you’ll have to excuse my powdery skin.. I’ve been trialling as many mattifying products as I can get my hands on recently and this was obviously not a winner. I can only assume the line didn’t do very well as I can’t find a stockist online outside of random Amazon/eBay sellers but if you guys know anything more about it leave a comment. The packaging is very cute and I’d be interested in looking at more from Smooch if it is still available somewhere

Miss BB



  1. Hollie
    23 June, 2014 / 8:23 am

    Smooch do have their own website but it looks like it is currently being updated. Whether the new website actually comes or if the brand drops of the face of the planet remains to be seen.


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