#30in30 Wild About Beauty Caroline

I was sent a selection of lipsticks from this brand recently for an upcoming feature post for the new Listerine Advanced White (hence the promo sticker) but I’ve been playing with the colours in the meantime and am really quite enjoying them. I’ll talk more about how they fit in with that partnership in a later post but as standalone products..totally unexpected and really lovely. The texture is really (and I realise I’m totally overusing this word this month but) BALMY and the colour is so sheer. I was expected a quite dense rosey colour and when first applying the lipstick I thought it was just really terrible or there was a layer I had to get through to get to the actual colour but I soon realised it was just super subtle.

Not a product that would necessarily make my favourites list as I do prefer a bolder, more opaque finish but it definitely has its place. As with other, similar products we’ve seen this month it would be perfect to finish a simple look where you don’t want too much colour but you want to look a little polished. I have a lot of ‘barely there’ makeup days, a little concealer, brows, mascara and… that final step is always tough to fill this fits nicely, is comfortable and wears evenly.. great for work, great for whenever really..

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