48hrs in London

IMG_0866I’ve hardly been down to London this year, I think my last visit for work was back in February so to spend 2 days there in 1 week is rare to say the least. Since my train home on Monday was late and the return on Tuesday was early the lovely Lex (TalontedLex) offered up her sofa to save me the travel. We of course made the most of my night in London by going home early and watching Greys Anatomy, after doing next to nothing on our to do list that day so we tried to be productive and snap some outfit shots before the downpour on Tuesday.. I was in town for a video shoot in the afternoon and I was DRENCHED when I finally arrived at the studio!

IMG_0777IMG_0785We visited Bills for lunch, I always end up there no matter how many alternatives there are. We ended up walking further than we needed to thanks to Google Maps not suggesting the closest restaurant however it turned out to be a happy accident when we spotted Renee Zellweger walking past the window. I NEVER see anyone exciting in London so that was a turn up and every Thursday my boss asks me if I’ve met any celebrities this week (It’s a running joke that I think stemmed from an event I intended a few years ago) so today I will have a story for him.

IMG_0848I’m totally obsessed with this jumpsuit from H&M, it was the perfect outfit for the humid weather and when it rained i didn’t feel under-dressed.. I DID however rip the legs once they were wet, I kept tripping up on them so THAT’S annoying. I will try to fix them but regardless I will wear it again because it was just so comfy. Great for night or day and I think it’s really flattering too. I’m wearing the same sandals I showed you here that are also incredibly comfortable, if you’re looking for flats you can walk 30,000 (according to my iPhone)  steps in in 48 hours with no blisters these are worth their weight in gold.. but are actually only £25

IMG_0833IMG_0829IMG_0870If you’ve ever attempted to take outfit pictures yourself you will know how awkward it is.. this is my favourite photo.. it was entirely my idea and yet my face says ‘why are you making me do this ridiculous thing?’

My new favourite travel bag combination is a backpack and a crossbody, I want my overnight/carry on stuff in my backpack for comfort and my purse/valuables/regularly reached for items in a smaller bag close to hand. It was ideal when we went to Disneyland and it’s what I plan to carry in New York. Especially useful when you’re travelling with kids and need water bottles and baby wipes with you but don’t want a great big heavy bag on your shoulder all day. I found this Marc By Marc Jacobs mini backpack on sale a few months ago, it’s lightweight, fits my laptop and generally the perfect size for an overnight trip or a daytime family travel bag.



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