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Bank HOliday Shopping 20% Off ASOS

If you’re not online shopping today, who even are you? Well, you might be me, actually. I’m spending today and tomorrow with the kids in London but I KNEW there would be Bank Holiday sales so I loaded up my ASOS basket in preparation since I wont have any browsing time today. There is indeed 20% off and here are my current picks.

I LOVE a jumpsuit but struggle to find them that fit my off proportions. I’m short on top and tall on bottom with no waist to speak of.. or hips while we’re at it. I do have one H&M version I loved so much that when it ripped I hunted down a replacement on eBay but I think this pull-up jersey kind could be perfect for easy summer dressing. Not super chic perhaps but SUPER comfy. The floral dress however.. bit posh. I keep seeing variations of this and I love them in theory but in my life there’s very little call for dressing up, it’s in the maybe pile. The red sundress though, it’s Ralph Lauren, it’s expensive but it’s so pretty!! You know when you find that exact cut of whatever garment it is you’ve been searching for and you get so excited until you see th price tag? that! Why are the more simple things always the most expensive?? With 20% off I may have to bite the bullet and order it in the hope that I don’t love it that much after all when I try it on.

For the past 4 or so years I have worn exclusively high waist jeans with absolutely no consideration of any other style. They suk me in (a bit) and hide my mum tum (not much) but most importantly.. no overspill. I recently tried on a pair of low/regular jeans in Zara and it was a REVELATION. So long as they’re not too tight on the waist and I pair them with a loose top they can actually be more flattering!! I’ve been wearing the pair I bought so much, with a belt because apparently low rise jeans fall down a lot, and with my tshirt slightly tucked in to make me look cool. I love them and now I’m looking for a lighter wash. Lastly, this is again a super simple top but just enough v in that neck, just enough detailing with the lace up sides and i my absolute favourite (because I think it looks good on me) khaki colour.

ASOS Bandeau Jumpsuit / Ralph Lauren Sun Dress / ASOS V-Neck Lace Up Vest / J.D.Y Cropped Skinny Low Rise Jeans / ASOS Floral Embroidered Dress


If you haven’t seen, I’ve started uploading ‘Come Shopping With Me’ videos when I hit the shops and (more importantly) the changing rooms and as luck would have it, a new one went up TODAY! Check it out here if you’re looking for more highstreet shopping inspiration – *SPOILER ALERT* I found the most beautiful unicorn bag of dreams in PRIMARK!!


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