5 Things I Didn’t Buy This Week

If you saw my post on budgeting and no buys, this will make sense but to recap for those who didn’t; I’ve vowed to pay off all of my debt by the end of the year and in irder to do that, my spending habits have to change!

I initially decided on a ‘low buy’ effectively giving myself a monthly allowance to spend on superfluous things I don’t need. When pancake day rolled around (no pun intended) I decided to challenge myself a little further and give up ‘spending’ (on non essential stuff) for lent.

With that in mind I thought it might be fun to record my many whims and would be impulse purchases. My spendaholic sisters (and brothers) will feel my pain and those level headed among you should at least be entertained by my insanity. 90% of these items woud have been Amazon prime clicks and before I’d really even considered whether I really wanted them, they’d be mine.

I did something similar with a nobuy last year but never published the list (maybe I still could?) and just taking that day or two in most cases did give me the distance I needed to realise I probably didn’t NEED a filter coffee maker after watching too many 90s sitcoms.

So what didn’t I buy THIS week?


I have rediscovered my love of scented candles via Yankee tea lights! I thought they’d burn down in a couple if hours and feel like a total waste but they’re the longest lasting tea lights I’ve ever known!!! So I was tempted to buy some more – but I resisted.


See above – I was on a pyromaniac kick, obviously and Josticks have the added benefit of woo woo vibes which (depending on how cynical I’m feeling) mesh well with my manifestaton kick.

Wireless Headphones

In fairness, I use these every day and one on the ear buds on my current (cheap) pair have finally given out. I will succumb to this purchase but I will wait.. JUST to prove to myself that I can.

Too Faced Turn Up The Light Palette

This is the first makeup item I have felt a very strong NEED for in quite some time! It appears to be like their version of the Hourglass Ambient Light palette only more usable thanks to the missing bronzer shade. I haven’t seen it in person yet but it’s top of my beauty wishlist, for sure.

Literally ANYTHING From The Topshop Sale

My local Topshop is closing down and the sales are PAINFULLY amazing. The first day of my no-buy the lift doors opened to these huge ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO’ signs and it was TESTING!!!! There were shoes, there were jeans, there were COATS. I know it’s not one item but I think it’s worth mentioning that I DID NOT BREAK!!


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