66% Of People Said YES To The Leopard Coat

Which means 33% of people just don’t get me, man.

If I were to poll my immediate family only 33% (Milo) would give it a ‘yay’ which is even more concerning. It is so very me. There’s something carefree and yet super bougie about a furry, leopard coat. Something that is made or broken by my hair and makeup, I’ve discovered. I tried it on in store with some smokey glam on and was really feelin’ myself. This morning; looking worse for wear after a glass or 3 of wine last night, it was a little more ‘did she sleep in it?’ trashy than ‘cool, Kate Moss falling out of a nightclub’ trashy. It won’t stop me wearing it, I just thought it was an observation worth passing on to you fellow School-runners.

So, it’s love. I’m planning on taking it to Paris with me next month so it can live its best, bougie life, styled out with grungy hair and dark glasses and I’m thinking I have some kindred spirits out there who may be interested in the styles I was stalking before I found this for a bargainous £30 in Primark.

Warehouse – £89

Mango – £79.99

Shein – £23.90

Forever 21 – £60

ASOS – £75

I know you’re worried people will think you’re nuts. I know you probably live a perfectly normal non-Londony life where you rocking up in a furry coat may be the talk of the office for the next week but if you’re in to it, get in to it! It’s super on-trend and soon they’ll all be wearing them (H&M have a mens version that I’ve already tried and failed to get my husband to try on) so why not be the first?


*66% of people on instagram stories, to clarify



  1. 26 November, 2018 / 4:23 pm

    I’ve never been a leopard-print coat fan (I grew up with Bet Lynch!) but the Primark one has changed my mind. It’s gorgeous. Looks great on you too.

  2. Mel F
    27 November, 2018 / 6:08 pm

    Have you seen the River Island one with the pink collar?? It’s x

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