8 Awesome Products For Thirsty Skin


Yes, I know there aren’t 8 products in the picture but let’s just crack on, shall we?

Fresh Rose Floral Toner – £31.00

We’re kicking off with spritzes because I’m obsessed. This is one I’ve had lurking for a while but haven’t reached for regularly until recently. I’m in the minority (I think) in that I realy dislike rose scented products so that was an off putting element initially but as refreshing mists go this is a nice one that leaves behind little residue. Good over makeup or as the step between cleanser and serum/oil/moisturiser (delete as applicable) without feeling too heavy

Elizabeth Arden Miracle Hydrating Mist –£14.70 (usually £21)

A newer addition to my night stand is this marvel from the Eight Hour range. I received it just before a flight to New York and I credit it (along with one other item – read on) with keeping my skin looking plump and fresh not only post-flight but for the entire trip. I save this one for night time or makeup-free days because it does leave a little something behind and I’m not in to the ‘glossy’ skin look.

Elizabeth Arden All Over Miracle Oil – £19.95 (usually £29)

I got this (was gifted) at the same time as the hydrating mist but have only just started using it and WOW. I didn’t think I’d be as in to an oil mist and imagined it would be more of a ‘dry oil’.. I didn’t even give it a chance. After treating some breakouts recently I was left with quite rough, dry areas and this stuff remedied them overnight. An absolute gem that I now want to use on my entire body (and it’s good for hair too, apparently)


Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Nourishing Milk – £54.00 (ouch)

Again this was given to me but please know that does not alter my opinion. I would spend the insane amount of money they ask for this in a heartbeat. I think this was actually the ‘gateway’ product that pushed me to the oils that I’ve been so enamoured of this past year. Having been oily my entire life I was so anti-oil but this is somewhere between that and a lightweight cream/serum and if you too are scared of something heavier I think you’ll love it. My favourite thing to wear under my makeup and it’s lasted longer than I thought it would.

Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask – £34.00

This is the second life saving product I used on that New York trip. I had a sample from a counter and I used it up during the holiday and on the flights and have since purchased (but am waiting for the delivery) a full size tube. Again it’s pricey but I just have never used a moistrising/hydrating mask that is so effective. I will have to stop myself from using it every day. This will be my special occasion treat.

Soap & Glory Miracle Moisture Mask £3.50

Speaking of special occasions, this isn’t ‘expensive’ per se and it’s ‘drugstore’ so I feel a little less guilty for recommending it to you but it’s still not cheap for a one use product. If you added up cost per wear you’d probably still get more from the Bobbi Brown (just sayin’) but this holds a different place in my heart. This is the only mask I would wear before applying makeup. I always mask at night and hate the idea of undoing all that nourishing by piling on foundation but this plumps out my skin and preps it perfectly for makeup.. something to keep on hand for those days when your skin is just not playing ball or for an event.



Glamglow Thirsty Mud – £16.00

Pre-Bobbi this was my favourite in-flight saviour and I still love it.. it’s just been knocked off the number 1 spot. It’s clear, smells nice (to me) and a very little goes a very long way. Glamglow masks are really pricey and most aren’t worth the cash (in my opinion) but value-for-money-wise I think you get the best bang for your buck with this one.

Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask – £18.00

I’m not so keen on their balancing mask, it’s a bit ‘blah’ but this is lovely. I slather this all over my face when nobody’s home and it feels like the biggest treat. The texture feels light, almost whipped and it’s always cooling.. I’m not sure if that’s an ingredient or if my house is like a chill box but something about this definitely feels more refreshing than your average. I like to put it under my eyes when they’re puffy, works wonders.. not that anybody would notice either way since I’m just sitting alone typing this until I have to collect the kids from school.

So they are my top 8 (I know it should be 10 but I didn’t want to bulk it out for the sake of the number) products to hydrate your skin while the weather is still icy and we’re all dying for Spring. Fun Fact: I’m currently wearing 2 pairs of fluffy socks and as soon as I finish this sentence I’m going to get a blanket.




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