8 Unique Gift Ideas

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So this is my first official Christmas post.. and it’s not even technically Halloween yet. I’d say I’m sorry but I’m really not. Tell me you haven’t all at least started thinking about your gift shopping yet! See, it’s not just me!!

Since I’m going to be sharing bits and bobs from all over the shop (stocking fillers, beauty gift reviews, SALES!!!) I thought I’d kick off with something a little different. 8 Unique ideas that are either insane but somehow still appealing or absolutely genius, depending on how you look at them..

Motivational Water Bottle  £15.12

This is a big one for me right now, I know it’s not a new idea but I’m yet to buy one for myself and it’s on my current wish list. I would love to tell you I’m trying to drink more water to improve my health but no, it’s all vanity, I want my skin to GLOW and I believe this is the way to do it 😉

‘TV’ iPad Stand £22.69

This has Milo written all over it!! He doesn’t have a TV in his room but since he’s an early riser he watches his iPad in bed before school every morning. How cute would it be in a little retro TV holder?

DJ Cat Scratching Pad £26.48

I’m not even a ‘cat person’ but I love this!! who thinks of these things??? If I had a ‘cat friend’ (a friend WITH a cat, not a friend who IS a cat) there’s no way I could resist this.. if only so I could get some viral video material..

USA Scratch Map £16.64

I’ve seen World maps like this but I’m not really ever going to travel the world. I would however love to visit every state in America and so this version would be PERFECT for our home!

Play & Go Storage Road Map £28.74

My son is forever lugging a giant lego head full of cars up and down the stairs, I’ve seen large versions of these storage mats for lego (weird crossover but true) but never a small one and this one has a built in road map to play on! Perfect both for him to carry and for me to tidy up quickly!

Bottle Opener Slot Game £52.95

This is pricey but I think it’s my favourite of the bunch! I am a lager drinker and love the idea of making an event of every bottle opening. Obviously fun with friends but I’m not ashamed to admit I would totally get a kick out of this while drinking alone too.

Cardboard Tool Kit £9.46

Such a cool idea and one I can’t believe I haven’t seen before! An entirely safe way for kids to play with all that left over cardboard on Christmas Day (accidental poetry) without 1. knives/scissors/sharp objects of any kind or 2. adult supervision required. They say all the kid wants is the box but I think this is an excellent add-on!

Fishpool £34.04

Milo recently came home from the fair with a fish.. we were not prepared. He’s been talking about getting it a new bowl which we’ve had on ‘the list’ for weeks now and this might be the winner. It’s such a simple (and daft) idea but it’s funny enough to amuse the kids.

If you’re looking for more of a ‘green’ Christmas than a white one, Uncommon Goods might just tick your boxes. They feature products from a range of socially responsible suppliers, big and small. They promote items that use recycled materials and are committed to selling products that do no harm to people or animals.





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  1. Allison McGill
    2 November, 2017 / 8:32 pm

    Gutted the Motivational Water Bottle isn’t available outside of the US.

  2. 3 November, 2017 / 10:50 am

    Some amazing ideas for gifts! Sophie x


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