I am so conflicted!
You may already know this about me.. I’m very indecisive!
So, to begin with we were going to vegas for sure… that was definitely what we wanted to do.
Then we decided we weren’t gonna be divorced in time so we looked for alternatives..
We looked at our local register office (eugh), local cities that may have nicer town halls we could marry in… eg, York/Leeds/Sheffield. At my parents request we looked into Gretna Green (so expensive… thought eloping was sposed to be cheap) and then most recently we settled on London.
We thought if we couldn’t go where we wanted maybe Christmas in London would be special?
mmm… Now I don’t know. We still don’t know that we’ll be divorced by then so until we have that locked down we can’t really make any solid plans anyway so that sucks.. But we keep going back to Vegas.
Part of the reason we were in kind of a rush was because we thought I’d be pregnant by now.. I wanted to be married before we had a baby (preferably before I was pregnant but at least within the first 3 months).
Now we’ve had our fertility issues (see baby making blog – we really don’t need to rush. There’s always the chance I could conceive but I think we’re 6 months off that so we have time to go Vegas after all… but now I’m thinking, can we really leave our families out of it? It was the initial plan but now I’m not sure… I’d love to go just the two of us and come back married… it would be romantic and exactly what I think I want but I don’t want to look back in 10 years time and wish we’d had a big celebration. We can have a little party of course I just don’t want to do anything I’ll regret. I was so sure of how I wanted things that now I’ve had time to take a step back I’m really confused.
If we could go to Vegas tomorrow and get hitched that would be bliss… part of my issue is the timing.. I hate to wait for ANYTHING and I only have a few times in the next 6 month this trip would be possible.. maybe 2 or 3 dates we could go away for maybe 4 nights. If we put it off more than 6 months (which would be easier) I’ve a lot more chance of being pregnant… which is a good thing but scuppers my plans.
ARRGGHH!!! I’m a secret worrier and try to seem on the outside like I have everything figured out but in truth I have no idea.. so I’m sharing my nerves with you and asking for your help..
If you could get married anywhere where would it be? Home or away I’d love your suggestions.. I don’t want a hotel or a beach wedding but am not opposed to outdoors… I don’t want a big family affair but could handle maybe 6-8 guests if I must..
The best time we could do this would be February – my birthday is the 4th and Valentines in of course the 14th so they are potential romantic dates..
If anyone knows anywhere lovely in the UK then fab but I also would love to do it somewhere in America.. don’t care where or what the weathers like…


miss bb


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  1. 24 October, 2010 / 5:47 am

    Hey Khila..? Um abt the idea of you getting marries near your birthday and valentines day… do you really want that? that would mean that most of the special occasions will be around the same time of year and you wouldnt have a lot to celebrate during the rest of the year…. I would say, spread the dates out, so you have an occasion to celebrate throughtout the whole year. That would make it more special as you wait for the day to come. instead of celebrating your birthday one day and your ani a week after… 🙂 x

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