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If you’ve caught any of our weekly Instagram chats recently you may have heard me and Emma talking about taking some self-imposed internet breaks. Social media can be a lot sometimes and if you (like many) identify it as a source of angst then it may be a good idea to take some time away – but is it that easy?

Even the strongest willed among us are susceptible to that habitual scrolling and the fear of missing out has us itching to reach for the phone 24/7. Sky Broadband challenged us to cut down screen time as a family using their new buddy app and much as I was excited to use it on the kids, I found it to be most useful for myself.

Do you ever wish you could just switch off altogether, but you rely on the internet for EVERYTHING? Well you can switch off certain apps, certain devices, set break times, set BED times.. it is just the best tool for adults with zero self-control. I can switch off the internet on my phone and still receive texts and watch Netflix on the TV, I can switch off social media or online games if I need to work, I can set time limits for certain apps and track usage over the week. Effectively I can allow Sky Broadband Buddy to parent my 33-year-old self.

Obviously, it’s great for the kids too, I can decide when their internet is available, I can decide what apps they can access and if I need to get their attention I can pause the internet for everyone and wouldn’t you know it, they’re downstairs in a flash.

Over the week I found it incredibly useful when I needed to be productive, I was able to keep my son in bed for an extra hour (he was getting up super early to play his game and the timing feature meant he couldn’t access it until 7am) and I could switch off the internet of every device my teenager has until her bedroom was clean.

In 2019 you can’t impose an old school TV ban when they have a TV in their pocket but where we live there is NO internet without wifi. Sky Broadband Buddy has given me a new level of authority with the kids and a new way to manage the time we all spend online. (That said, if you’re lucky enough to have 3G / 4G access Sky Broadband Buddy is accessible via mobile data too).

 You can find out more about Sky Broadband Buddy here

*this post is sponsored by Sky Broadband


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