After The Bath..


Last week I showed you my favourite winter bath products, today we’re going to be talking about my ‘after bath’ treats..

Soap & Glory Heel Genius – £5.50

So they say you should care from your skin from head to toe.. well let’s start from the bottom up, shall we? This wasn’t always a favourite of mine, in fact when I first used it I hated it. I don’t like the texture or the smell and that hasn’t changed but I persevered after so many of you told me it was SO amazing and it really is damn effective. Left on overnight nothing makes my feet smoother.

Raw Skincare Repair & Revive Body Butter – £4.99

This I’ve mentioned before, I may have even given it it’s own review but since then I’ve almost come to the end of the pot and I will definitely be ordering more! You need the tiniest amount because although it’s called butter it’s really a solid oil and melts on to the skin, perfect for after the bath or shower. It’s also ideal for massage so whether you’re treating yourself or you’ve roped in your other half that’s an added bonus.

Sanctuary Lipid Recovery Facial Oil – £22.00

Now I want to be clear that though I love this I’m not convinced it’s any more special than any other facial oil and it’s quite pricey at £22 so don’t run out and buy it on this recommendation.. it’s just what I’m using at the moment. It’s not very light so if you’re super oily this might not be for you but my skin is a little drier in the wintertime so it’s just right for me right now.

Sanctuary Peptide Repair Eye Cream – £18.00

Much like the oil this is great but I can’t vouch for it’s effectiveness just yet. I like a richer eye cream because it feels like it’s doing something as opposed to the lighter than air serums that seem to be popular now and this is really thick. Not ideal for during the day under makeup but if you like to feel pampered at night time I’d definitely recommend this. I’ve been using it for a month and it hasn’t done anything special but I think eye cream is preventative at my age anyway so it’s all about feel for me.

Nuxe Reve De Miel – £9.50

The best lip balm ever? Worth the hype? Actually, yes. I love this stuff. You only need a small amount so although it’s expensive I only use it at night and at the rate I’m going it’s going to last me AGES. Unlike most balms it’s matte and leaves a film over your lips so it’s not going to be the prettiest to top up throughout the day but in extreme wind/cold (ie. New York in January *wink*) it will be an absolute life saver.. no exhaggeration! Ultimate lip protection, if you suffer from chapped lips you need this in your life.

What are your winter essentials?

Miss BB



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