All New Eyeko?

I’d heard a little about the Eyeko relaunch but to be frank I couldn’t have been less interested. Back when I was a newbie blogger I signed up to their ambassador scheme as it seemed ‘the thing to do’ at the time and sure I made a little money but I wasn’t that interested in their products. I had bought some stuff to review in the hope I’d generate some commission but I just wasn’t that impressed. I got rid of my affiliate badge from my blog and tried to forget about the whole sorry affair. This was quite some time ago and you can see why I didn’t jump up and down when their new site launched.
That being said..something made me want to take a look today and I have to say… I’m interested. First and foremost their new stuff is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols (talk about re branding) and secondly their packaging is completely different. Their previous cartoon-esque designs seemed to devalue the products and nothing seemed good value for money. This was supposed to be a budget brand originally sold in Superdrug stores.. it all just seemed over-priced for what it was. The prices haven’t reduced by any means but the products look a little more high end and well.. worth it.

The relaunch isn’t yet complete. Right now all that’s available is a variety of mascaras and eyeliners but the range will expand slowly over the coming months. Unfortunately where I would usually wait to see what bloggers have to say before I take the plunge and make an order Eyeko seem to have them all blinded by their affiliate commission so it will be tricky to find an honest review. I know this because I myself was sucked in to the same scheme.. I just find it so hard to promote something I don’t really love. So I’m asking you.. my readers.. as and when and if you already have tried the new Eyeko range.. let me know what you think! If I make a trip to Leeds before the baby is born (it’s possible) I will be sure to check out the Eyeko counter myself but in the meantime if you see a review you think is genuine or try something for yourself I would love to know. I’m willing to give them another go.

You can find Eyeko’s new site here
Prices currently start at £9.50 for a skinny eyeliner



  1. 1 October, 2011 / 10:58 pm

    I love the new packaging but I think the price increases are ridiculous, therefore I don't think I'll ever buy another Eyeko product again

  2. 2 October, 2011 / 12:08 pm

    To be honest, I think it's just odd that it's gone from a budget to a high end brand, when a lot of the products will be the same etc. Shame, because I loved the nail polishes xxx

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