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I was inspired when Fee at MakeupSavvy did an all used up post some months ago and vowed to start collecting my empties and do the same. It’s taken a little while and unsurprisingly there are more skincare items than cosmetics (I don’t like to use anything up) but here’s e everything I’ve recently used up..
The question is.. would I buy it again?
I love thermal products! It seems a little bit magical, doesn’t it? Well it does to me and the instant warm sensation of this scrub had me hooked.. at first. Unfortunately the heat barely lasts 10 seconds and after that it’s just your average body scrub and I wouldn’t pay £8 for an average body scrub. I did discover toward the end of the tube a lot of grey liquid which got extremely hot on contact with my skin so I believe that it was all stuck in the top on the tube, unfortunate because if it had all been like that I would have really liked this product!
This s a firm blogger favourite but it took me a long time to pick it up and even longer to actually use it. I tried it a couple of times and it was ok but nothing revolutionary so back in the cupboard it went and n to the next cleanser I was. I revisited Liz Earle in November and began using it on a daily basis, the key to this stuff is regular use! My skin had never been smoother/clearer and I have since repurchased this! I do begrudge paying £23 for 200ml but I will continue to until i find a replacement.
I loved this, I really did! I used it when i was pregnant and I’m not sure if it made a different to the firmness of my bust as I lost my baby weight but the condition of my skin improved after only a couple of days. Unfortunately this is one pricey lotion at £29.50 for 100ml and that is just out of my budget for essentially a body lotion! If ever I have the spare cash or it is gifted to me I will be very happy to be reunited but for now.. It’s just not worth it.
Regular readers will know my feelings on this wonder-stuff and needn’t continue reading this section but would I repurchase? Yes, Yes A thousand times YES! I use it as a moisturiser, I use it as a treatment for blemishes and for £2.99 you can’t afford not to try it! You won’t be disappointed.
Just rubbish. There’s not a lot to say about cleansing wipes, they either work or they don’t and these my friends.. do not! They are too dry to wipe ANYTHING and I would absolutely not recommend them! They are only £2.99 but it was £2.99 I wish I hadn’t spent.
I tried this and the tousle me softly at the same time and both really impressed me! As drugstore haircare goes Herbal Essences really know their stuff! I would buy this again if I wasn’t so in love with my Aussie and Macadamia stuff but never say never and I would recommend them to any of you considering a drugstore mask. My only advice would be to shop around.. you can usually find these on offer somewhere, currently that place is Superdrug where they’re half price at £1.95
This was £9.99 when it launched but I haven’t seen it anywhere for more than £7.50 for months. I would repurchase it full price though again and again. It’s supposed to be a ‘BB’ cream but not knowing exactly what to expect from a BB cream i would describe it as the best tinted moisturiser I ever tried! It diffuses imperfections and evens out skin tone while giving the illusion of a makeup free face.
This stuff is really good. It’s dubbed as an industrial Strength Concealer and I’ve always had one in my makeup bag since I discovered Benefit about 8 years ago. It hasn’t always been my go-to but it’s been nice to know it’s there if I need it. I would have said I would repurchase had it not been for a very recent acquisition. Soap & Glory’s Kick-Ass concealer knocks this out of the park at it’s just £10 as opposed to £16.50. Sorry Benefit, you’ve been beat!
This was my pressed powder for 2 years! I have lost count of how many I’ve bought over that time but given that it’s only £3.99 I didn’t mind repurchasing. It didn’t do anything life changing but it was a good value pressed powder that held my makeup and kept me relatively matte for a good portion of the day. As I said I have repurchased in the past and wouldn’t rule it out for the future but I just replaced it with 17s Shine Control version for the same price and am preferring that right now.
This was my favourite mascara for most of last year. It was the first mascara that seemed to really work with my stubby lashes and do something a bit special with them. It really opened my eyes (literally) and I would definitely repurchase. My last mascara buy was the Volume Million lashes from Loreal which I also really like but I will purchase the one by one next to see which is really my favourite.

What are the products you repurchase time and time again?

Miss BB


  1. 22 February, 2012 / 4:27 pm

    The Dual Action moisturiser actually made my skin break out! Weird, but when I got a facial before my prom, the facialist said that it might have been too harsh for my skin. I don't have sensitive skin though.

    Belle from


  2. 22 February, 2012 / 5:30 pm

    I recommended the Garnier BB cream to my friends and they love it. LOVE these posts, they really give an informed opinion of products as youve basically test runned them to death.

    the one product i repurchase over and over are the Boots essentials fave wipes, they are reall moist and get all my makeup off!

  3. 22 February, 2012 / 11:25 pm

    Could I recommend the lush lovely jubblies as a firming cream? It's around £14 and I've heard it is really good. I agree the rimmel stay matte and one by one by maybelline are both good products and at a great price too 🙂 x

  4. 22 April, 2012 / 7:24 pm

    I also use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and have used it for around 2 years, as you said it's nothing special but it does its job! I'll have to try the 17 one you said you preferred, thanks for the tip!

    Emma (

  5. 18 September, 2012 / 11:22 pm

    I’ve just bought the dual action moisturiser on your recommendation (no pressure) and today was the first time I tried it, I really felt it working! So hopefully this will help me prevent breakouts! I also love stay matte, so cheap, suits my skin tone and does its job. I’ve just started my own blog, only small time, but you really inspired me, so thank you!

    • missbudgetbeauty
      21 September, 2012 / 1:47 pm

      you will love it! I use it as a treatment a lot just a big dollop on the area in the morning and by night it will have shrunk considerably (only do this when I’m not working of course haha)

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