Amanda Wakely @ Ernest Jones

Have you guys seen these goregous Amanda Wakely rings at Ernest Jones?
So gorgeous and an absolute bargain… definitely in the running for a wedding ring… yes I know I know I take forever to make a decision! No decision is final until the deed has been done!

Check these out and let me know what you think
(click the pictures for a closer look)

£75 – Black Diamonds
£99 – Brown Diamonds
£125 – White Diamonds
Each are Silver which is what brings the price down but would you rather pay more for gold and CZs or less for silver and diamonds? The argument is obviously in which is the hearder wearing against your engagement ring but all metals contain such high quantities of alloy now that I doubt it makes that much difference anymore!
There are a couple of other cute pieces in the collection too… oh go on then I’ll throw in some pics of those too, however unrelated :p…
£99 – Silver/Leather/Black Diamonds
£350 – Silver and half carat of white diamonds
£399 – silver with half carat of white diamonds
How cute is this stuff???
For those of you that want diamonds without the crazy inflated gold prices this is for you, the link to where you can buy is below
miss bb

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