ANOTHER Dress???

Okay so it might be the 5th dress option I’ve bought but at £14.99 (here) it was practically free!
I first saw it months ago in store and loved it, it was so Vegas appropriate but by this time we’d already agreed to forgo the chapel of love for a register office so close family could attend. Even at the original price of £34.99 it seemed a shame to pass up but I couldn’t think when I’d wear it. When I saw it reduced online I had to have it.. I’m thinking it could be an after-party dress. There are still no firm wedding plans, I think it’ likely to all be a bit whirlwind and last minute which is always exciting but I think perhaps there will be a meal somewhere afterwards with friends and maybe drinks.. this is very much a cocktail dress after all. I am planning a big dress post soon to show you each of my options and gather opinions.. they’re all pretty forgiving, nothing clingy so even 2 weeks post partum I should be able to model them for you. Now there’s a timer on Lee’s divorce being final I have to start making some decisions.. it’s all very well planning and planning and having all these random ideas and 5 dresses but it’s actually going to happen soon and we don’t have any real plans at all.


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