At Home Peels For Fresh Summer Skin

*post contains PR samples


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with face masks and treatments. It’s been suggested that I overdo it at times (100% true) but I will never get bored of that super smooth skin feeling and am forever chasing a new glowy high.

In the last year I started dabbling with at home ‘peels’ – after completely falling in love with acid toners – and today I’m sharing two of my favourites.

Lixirskin Soft Clay Rubber – £28

First and foremost, I was CONVINCED that this was a Beauty Pie Product. I received it in a PR package of Beauty Pie products and the whole vibe is very Beauty Pie. Upon googling for info for this post I discovered that the brand is actually called Lixirskin and the price tag is a little steeper than I’d assumed. That being said, it is fabulous! As the name suggests, it’s a soft clay that you massage in to dry skin. Once dry you rub it away with your fingertips and reveal a whole new you. In winter I get dryness and in summer my skin gets clogged up with all the spf/oils and treatments like this are like a reset button. Although it’s more expensive than I’d hoped and the pot is small, you don’t need much to get the job done and it’s not as tingly as others I’ve tried.

Pixi Peel & Polish – £24

At this point, I realise that the beauty blogging world has slowly been indoctrinated by Pixi’s many send outs and you’re possibly sick of hearing about them but.. this is good stuff! More like an exfolitaor, I use this one in the tub. It has a gorgeous, fresh cucumber scent as you massage it in and it feels like it’s working immediately. Not everyone likes that tingle but I’m not Caroline Hirons, I don’t know the science behind this stuff, I like some evidence that it’s working! I rinse off with warm water and voila, super quick bathtime skin treat.


Peel & Polish seems to be out of stock everywhere but if you want to test it out along with some other glow getters from Pixi, they have this £20 set online right now

I would use either of these once of twice a week (but if you’re more sensitive, be cautious) and I am always looking for new ones to try so let me know if you have a favourite! I did test the Baby Facial by Drunk Elephant late last year but it’s a) not available in the UK and b) CRAZY money!! SO if you’ve heard good things and want something similar, give one of these a try!


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  1. Candice
    2 May, 2019 / 6:55 pm

    Ah I so badly wish we had Pixi Beauty available in South Africa

    Candice x

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