The Gadget Your Selfies Have Been Waiting For

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SELFIE RING LIGHTMy secret santa knocked it out of the park last Christmas with this little gadget. Something I would never have sought out but which has been lots of fun between me and my friends as well as genuinely useful for on the go insta-shots. I’ve seen those fancy light up cases but was never interested enough to want to spend any real money on one or add a permenantly bulky case to my phone so this little guy is PERFECT! I’m not a major selfie taker (I think I overdosed at some point taking lipstick swatch photos for my blog) but it makes group selfies a) more fun and b) far more flattering for everyone involved PLUS it’s AWESOME for additional lighting for vlogs and pictures when flipped the other way around. It’s a cheap and cheerful piece of kit that can be kept in your bag, passed around and clipped on to any model of phone and whether you’re into selfies or not I think you’ll get a kick out of it!

There are tons online but this looks pretty similar to mine and it’s UNDER A FIVER!


HOUSE TOUR / Living Room

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The kitchen may have been what sold the house to me with it’s open plan space and beautiful light but the living room is definitely my favourite room in the house. Given that we are sharing our new place with my parents this room is a bit of a sanctuary for us to live in and heard the kids in to but it’s also my work space. I don’t often (read: never yet) work at the desk but it’s nice to know it’s there if I wanted to and that I can close the door and film, photograph, edit etc in peace during the day even if there are people in the house. There are a bunch of things I’d like to change, we need more storage boxes for the IKEA units for one thing (they are SO expensive!), we need to get the TV mounted on the wall since the provided holes look ugly otherwise and the grey sofa and rug (old from B&Q and stained beyond repair now thanks to dogs and children) need to be replaced but we’re pretty maxed out after the move so this is what we’re living with for now and I’m happy with it.

IMG_0095IMG_0084IMG_0082IMG_0081IMG_0090IMG_0092IMG_0076IMG_0105IMG_0097IMG_0104IMG_0102IMG_0093Nothing is new so I can’t think that there’s anything I could link to but if you want to know where anything specific is from let me know and I’ll list it. The sofas are from Next, the white units are all the IKEA KALLAX  units (including the desk), the star lamp and lampshade are both from Asda and the tripod lamp was a BHS bargain when they went under. I’m also dying to find another place for my Alex drawers which hold all of my makeup but so far it’s proven tricky.. they are so much larger than I thought they were and we’d intended to buy a second set and have them as bedside drawers but as you’ll see when I show you our bedroom (I’m putting it off cause it’s NEVER tidy) we have so little space in their it’s comical. I’ve actually taken up most of the space we did have with wardrobes and am considering a move around at the weekend to see if there’s a better configuration.. I have a feeling we’re stuck though. We have so little space, Lee has to turn sideways to get out of his side of the bed (yes, I offered to switch) so it will be a photo light post, haha!

So that’s the living room.. if any of you know of somewhere we could pick up a not too expensive and decent sized area rug to replace this one please let me know cause this one really is pushing the boundaries of grubby now.. a real shame as it’s been something that has been asked and asked about and I absolutely love the design. Hey ho, never work (or live) with children or animals!

Gnocchi Bolognese with Hello Fresh

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Long time followers may remember my Hello Fresh (here’s a video from 2014!) unboxings. I set myself a goal to cook more for my family and try new meals and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say it completely changed the way I shopped and gave me a love of cooking  that I never had before. For those of you who don’t know, Hello Fresh is a food delivery service which provides all of the ingredients to prepare 3-5 meals along with recipe cards and step by step instructions. You can choose the meals that you would prefer (to a point) as well as thing like ‘veggie’ or ‘family’ to specify who (and how many) you are cooking for each week. It’s a flexible subscription so you can pause, alter your order or skip a week, which I frequently did and with my code HELLODIARY you can get £25 off your first box (starting at £39) so if you want to give it a try and see how you like it it’s actually really affordable.

The general ethos of the company is to save you time (shopping, deciding what to make, weighing ingredients etc), to save waste (each meal comes with exactly the right amount of everything you need) and to push you out of your weekly food rut and encourage you to try new things.. or even old things in a new way. A great example of that is this meal. I make spaghetti bolognese ALL THE TIME and never once have I considered adding grated carrot (hidden veg for the kids!!) or Worcestershire sauce (nor so much for the kids but I enjoyed it) and I steamed broccoli in the OVEN which was like some kind of witchcraft.

I think the main thing I got from subscribing to the service was confidence, it’s pretty fool proof with the instructions they give you and it made me feel like I could actually cook. If you feel a bit lost in the kitchen or just want to try something new I would highly recommend you give it a go.. with £25 off the first week it’s cheaper than buying those meals from the supermarket so really, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.. you might even find your new favourite meal!

You can check out the recipe in this video and find out more about Hello Fresh or order your first box online here

*sponsored by Hello Fresh

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