my new jewellery line … coming soon

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I know I haven’t mentioned this to you guys before but I’ve been working on a jewellery website to sell my handmade stuff on. It’s nearly ready guys!
I’ve had a cupcake site up for a while but hadn’t really done much with it but I’m sorted with paypal I really just need to get a stock in of my pieces and get the photos on the site and I’ll be done!
I’m hoping to have it up by the end of next week… I’ve loved making jewellery forever and I’m finally going to get around to selling it on the web…I’m putting a few pieces up on ebay but the end of this week so I might put the link to that up on here but all round…It’s really exciting to finally be getting this off the ground!!!
So once it’s active… get browsing and get buying lol. look out for my jewellery on youtube very shortly xoxo

miss bb
(aka khila)

baking again…

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today i’ve made custard biscuits (YUM!) and a beaut vanilla cake for our friends who are having a baby.. by way of congratulations!
they’ve fedback only good reviews….i knew it was good lol. I’ll post a picture on twitter…just easier coz its on my phone!
my username on twitter is msbudgetbeauty for anyone who’s interested so click

if you wanna see it!

also i’m getting so fed up of my webcam i’ve finally resigned myself to trying the broken sony cam i have so look out for some new videos today probably…. i have a haul i promised after all… anyway i’ve gotta go eat my biscuits now and stop my daughter from attacking my fiance with a football lol xoxo


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I had another freaky dream!!
I dreamt that my fiances ex-wife had his baby…which isn’t possible lol… It was so strange i was saying to everyone it couldn’t be his but they were all like no no it is! aaargghh!!! What is wrong with me? I must have some weird ole insecurities to be having dreams like this no?

sooooo annoying!

anywho, look out for my haul video today and possibly some kind of tutorial video later on…I was thinking maybe something rachel bilson inspired?!?!?


miss bb

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