Avon Glimmerstick Liqui-Glide – Love or Loathe?

 I’ll admit when I bought this I thought it was the raved about Avon liner I’m always hearing about on YouTube.. turns out that’s Supershock Gel Liner which has since been discontinued.. d’oh! So perhaps I was expecting too much of this when I thought it was the hyped up version. I will say this.. it’s very long wearing! It’s almost a liquid liner in pencil form. It’s very soft, you could even apply it with a brush if you were so inclined. The problem is that you can’t get a precise or fine line from a blunt applicator such as this. Unlike a pencil you can’t keep this sharp for any time at all because of the formula, it’s just not firm enough to keep any shape. So any line you do draw will be thicker than perhaps you would want and it’s near impossible to create a winged liner as you might with a traditional liquid equivalent. You can smudge it a little if you work quickly before it dries but it will not work for me on my waterline whatsoever, it just doesn’t take and slides all over the place. It is the blackest liner I own, I liken it to Urban Decay’s “Perversion” which was available in the limited edition 15th anniversary set earlier this year so I was really excited to use it but unfortunately it’s been nothing but disappointing for me. I just can’t find a place for it, it’s more liquid than pencil but it’s not BETTER than liquid and it’s not as useable as a pencil… so what’s the point? I really dont know what purpose this serves. It could well be my uneducated application but this is just no good for me at all.
If you’ve tried and loved this I would LOVE to know how you use it to make it work for you so leave me a comment and let me know..


  1. 5 September, 2011 / 8:15 pm

    Supershock Eyeliner is back in AVON Brochure 15 🙂 x

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