Baby Oil Love

I mentioned my love of baby oil in an instagram post last month and there were SO. MANY. QUESTIONS

How did I use it? Was it hydrating? Is it GOOD for your skin? Does it get EVERYWHERE? – I have one use and only a few of those queries apply.

When I was trying to remove one of many terrible tans I tried over the Spring, for some YouTube reviews, I discovered that baby oil was a top product to get rid of unwanted colour. I followed the directions, slathered my entire body with the stuff and left it for around an hour. Then I got in the hottest bath I could stand, soaked for a little while longer and the tan scrubbed away like a DREAM.

It was an absolute godsend in that moment (that tan was BAAAD) but every since I’ve used it to soften my skin before my fortnightly body scrub. Again, if I have the time and the patience I will sit in a towel (not touching any furniture) covered in the stuff for as long as I can stand before getting in a hot bath and scrubbing away the dryness. It leaves behind enough oil to shave with but it is a b*tch to clean out of the bath – which is partly why I don’t do it more often.

I know some people use baby oil straight out of the bath/shower to moisturise but I prefer a thicker lotion. For this purpose, though, it’s unbeatable. Cheap as chips and effective.

How do you use yours?


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  1. Tahira
    16 September, 2019 / 10:27 am

    You can also use this as a chaffing oil (for chub rub!). Honestly works great and lasts all day! Better than any other creams I’ve used as the baby oil lasts so much longer!


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