Back on – Vegas or bust!

It was decided this week once and for all that the original Vegas plan is to go ahead or we’re just not doing it. I can’t get excited about doing it any other way. Various problems with Lee’s divorce put things back time and time again and now I’m pregnant it really felt like the pressure was on to speed things up. In order to put all of those things aside and still do things the way we wanted to all along we have planned the trip for after the baby is born. April 2012! It will be booked this month… we are set on the chapel of the bells I think but the hotel is still up for discussion.
There is so much choice when it comes to Vegas hotels and it’s a special occasion.. much research is needed to ensure we pick the one that wont disappoint! I want romance and opulence as well as location, a fantastic pool and all for a great price. I’m leaning towards to Signature hotel and the MGM Grand right now.. it’s an all suite, non-gaming hotel that has received fantastic reviews on trip advisor.. I considered the Bellagio but it doesn’t seem to be all that anymore. Last time I went I stayed at Caesars which was great but I’d like to try somewhere new so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I’m excited again that all of my previous planning and collecting hasn’t gone to waste and when I’m good and pregnant I will have incentive to exercise and get back in to bikini body shape haha! 

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