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When my daughter was young I’d buy her enough uniform for the school year in August and it would last her just fine. Enough uniform was perhaps a couple of school skirts, a dress and 5 shirts. Now I have a boy I realise that enough is a relative term. He needs new uniform every day so that’s 5 jumpers, 5 t-shirts, 5 trousers.. before you even begin to consider a potential mid-year growth spurt. It can get really expensive so I tend to shop for his stuff at the supermarket and this year F&F at Tesco has a great Back To School range.


A major difference I’ve found between my daughter and my son is how hard they are on their clothes. Ella was never one to shy away from getting dirty and she still can’t finish a meal without spilling something down her top but I cannot recall her ever wearing holes in anything. Milo must just be rougher and between rolling around with the dog and stunt falling during a rowdy game of Batman V Superman nothing lasts him long. The F&F range at Tesco has a couple of added benefits that I’m hoping will help to avoid that mad mid-season search for extra school clothes when they’re no longer in stores.


Quality Fit – this is a big bonus for my son who struggles to find something that fits in both the length and width. They have slim, flat and front pleat trousers as well as adjustable waists to make it that bit easier to find uniform that fits well.


Scuff-Resistant Shoes – This will be Milo’s first pair of proper school shoes and I’m hoping the pair he took forever to choose will be the only ones he needs. Ella does tend to have a couple of pairs of shoes per year because she wears ones with a thinner sole but the ballet flat style pumps I picked up were actually much more substantial than her previous pairs, it’s just a bonus that they were only £5!


Reinforced Knees –  So I saw the label and thought ‘oh that’s good’ but didn’t REALLY think to far in to it until after trying them on Milo left them inside out. They really ARE reinforced, there’s a thicker membrane on the lining of the knee and now I’ve seen it I’m totally sold. He can skid around on his knees to his heart’s content now.


‘As New’ Technology – My kids’ school colour is red which we all know is the WORST for fading. I’m not about to buy a new jumper just because it’s not as bright as it once was but if I can keep their uniform looking fresh and new that’s a bonus and F&F at Tesco have this label on both their jumpers AND their coloured polo shirts !


I was really happy with the choice in store but don’t be thinking you’ve got ages to stock up. the earlier you buy the better so if the kids need new kit head to your local Tesco today!

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