Back To Work Basics

It’s a done deal.. I’m going back to work on 3rd September.. that’s less than a month away and rather than stress out about childcare and the fact I have to leave my baby for the first time I’ve decided to worry about clothes! I My workwear went away a year ago when I was too fat to fit into any of it and I haven’t given it a second thought since. Now I have no idea what will fit my post-baby body, what is cool to wear to the office or if I even own anything that fits in to either of those categories. I thought I’d take a quick look at what’s on the high street right now to inspire myself and hopefully others that are in this position. Luckily I’m coming back to an Autumn/Winter wardrobe which is my favourite season anyway so there’s a silver lining, I wont hate getting dressed every day! Let’s start with some H&M basics that I’ve actually ordered…

I’ve always hated work trousers.. they never fit right and I always feel really frumpy in them so I’ve ordered these jean-type stretchy ones (£14.99) which will hopefully do the job. Basic tee’s  are always my friend, I love them and these soft, slouchy one’s (£6.99)are perfect.. and the flats(£7.99).. what can I say about H&M flats? They are the comfiest shoes ever and given that I will be walking to and from work comfy is absolutely essential! The long chain necklace is an easy accessory to throw on.. I’m not one for fiddly clasps first thing in the morning. I bought it in copper and silver (3.99)

I’m going to do a series of these posts as I go through retailers and find stuff I actually like (no mean feat) as well as ‘shopping my closet

What’s your favourite store for office outfits?

Miss BB


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