Ballerina Bun For SHORT HAIR!

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I always envied those who could effortlessly throw their long hair into a bun on top of their heads and look perfectly polished without the use of damaging heat styling. Earlier this year I bought my first ‘donut’ and you could say it changed my life.. it didn’t but you could say it. It did, however, revolutionise my every day hair routine. I pretty much wore a bun for a month (day and night) until I had the Got2b mishap when I had to have it cut in to a short bob. That was a dark time I must say but happily hair does grow and it’s finally long enough (just) to cover a donut again and since I’ve been wearing it a lot lately I’ve had lot of requests for a how to.. so here it is.

In a month or so my hair will easily go up in to this style but I wanted to show it at the shortest length I could scrape it all up in to a bun again to give hope/a new style idea to all of those short haired ladies out there that are stuck for an up do. I will no doubt redo the video when it’s longer and the finished do is a little more polished but for now this is how I do it!

Miss BB

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13 Responses

  1. thank you so much! this is exactly what I needed!

  2. Awww Gosh thank you! I was desperate cause I couldn’t do anything with my short hair 😀

    A loser like me

  3. Oh my gosh, I just wore it the wrong way, shame on me :/.. so thank you very much for this tutorial, only now I understand how to use it :)!

  4. Thanks, now I can do my little ones hair for ballet. Great video 😉

  5. can you tell me what size donut you used. I’m looking on eBay and they do small, medium, large and x-large. Could you measure across how many cm please and thanks

  6. Can you tell me what size donut you used. On eBay there is small medium large and large. Can you measuRe across PleAse

  7. Big help, thank you!

  8. Great tutorial A+ work lol

  9. Brilliant tutorial! I’ve looked at loads of different tutorials but none of them have ever worked. So glad l found this one. Thank you!

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