Barry M Silver VS Barry M Foil

When I first saw Barry M’s Foil polish launch I immediately thought of the old “Silver”
I always thought the silver came off as a “foil” or “minx” like finish so I was dubious as to whether they were just rebranding the old formula at a higher price. Being the curious blogger I am I had to test it out…here’s what I found…
Surprisingly they are totally different! I thought I’d hate the foil and begrudge paying a pound more for something I effectively already have covered from Barry M but far from it. I must stress that the pictures below show my nails after ONE COAT of the foil effects polish… that puts it way up in my estimations already but also.. it’s a totally new addition to my collection. As you can see from the below pictures the silver (on my thumb and forefinger) is very much a sparkly finish. It’s made up of lots of fine glitter and took three coats to achieve a full coverage. It’s still a lovely polish but I have to admit if you’re looking for foil… it doesn’t compare. I may even go out and buy the gold one now.
Man I hate to be wrong!
Have you tried this yet?


  1. 14 October, 2011 / 8:54 pm

    both gorgeous! might have to get the foil one! xo

  2. 14 October, 2011 / 9:02 pm

    Ive been meaning to get the foil one, but now i want both!

  3. 14 October, 2011 / 11:09 pm

    They look really nice! Didn't realise the Barry M Silver one looked so nice :3 x

  4. 14 October, 2011 / 11:30 pm

    I'll have to look for these next time I'm shopping, think I'll end up going for both. I like the look of the two of them xx

  5. 15 October, 2011 / 12:02 am

    I sooo want the foil polish now! I wasn't going to bother as like you I already have various “silvers” but the foil one looks so much smoother 🙂 xx

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