Bath and Body by Yardley

Recently I was invited to the launch of Yardley’s new Bath and Body Skincare Collection. Unfortunately (as always) I was unable to attend but they generously sent me some samples to review for you. I’m going  to have to say straight out of the gate.. I am not a fan of rose scented products. I couldn’t have been more disappointed when I opened the package to find 3 otherwise beautiful products that I really wasn’t looking forward to using. I did of course try them out so as to let you know my thoughts on formula etc but I confess these were then passed on to my Mum who is not quite so picky about her toiletries. 
I will say I recently tested the Peony perfume and was pleasantly surprised, If I was to purchase from the Yardley range I would definitely be leaning toward that product line. 
Let’s start with the packaging.. I really like that Yardley haven’t felt the pressure to modernise their cult brand. They are still recognisable as the brand so many know and love yet they’ve updated to create a kind of classic/contemporary hybrid. The body wash created the luxurious lather you’d expect but didn’t leave me feeling tight or dry, the body lotion come is a very convenient and mess free pump bottle and as with the hand and nail cream it’s as moisturising as you’d want it to be. 
I’m not going to tell you these products are going to revolutionise your life but after so many years on the market they are still fantastic value for money and you know how we like that around here! 
They are what they are, soaps and lotions is the name of their game and where other brands are trying to modernise and change Yardley are moving forward with the old ‘if it aint broke’ ethos and I like that!
You can purchase the Yardley range online here
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