Battle Of The Glossy Stains

Last week I put two of the new drugstore lip stains to the test and filmed their wear throughout the day. This post is basically a write up of that experiment and a few more photos to accompany the video which I will embed at the end for those who want to see it. The products in question are the L’Oreal Caresse Shine Stain (if you google this it seems almost every retailer is calling it something different but I’m fairly certain that’s it) in Juliet and the Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Tint Gloss in Forever Fuchsia. Upon first glance they seem very similar, the applicators are almost identical and when swatches initially the formula’s also seem much the same but these are two very different products!

My First Impressions..

I actually tried the L’Oreal first as I was unaware there were any other Glossy Stain “dupes” on the market. I bought a paler pink shade (Romy) which I wasn’t all too impressed with as it seemed sheer and pointless but as I layered it the colour deepened and I was happy with the wear time. The brighter shades are a much better example of the range though so it wasn’t until I tried the red that I was really impressed. That being said I preferred the shade range on offer from Maybelline and the fruitier scent was another bonus. Although the L’Oreal packaging is absolutely the nicer I thought I would end up with a larger collection from the Super Stay line purely because of these little features and the fact that they’re £1 cheaper. The colour I purchased, Forever Fuchsia, was also immediately more vibrant that Juliet and not at all sticky.. all signs were pointing to this being my favourite.

Above and below you can see the first and second layer of each, both are buildable so if you find the first application to be too sheer just apply again, from what I’ve read this is the way the L’Oreal is designed to be worn, I’m not sure about the Maybelline but lots of people seemed to have trouble with the first when they were launched as they weren’t sure how to apply them to get the best from the product.

Both appear to have the same glossy finish when first applied but below I will give you a run down of each and their differences..

First is the L’Oreal. These are made up mainly of oil and water, I think I read somewhere 30% oil, 60% water but don’t quote me. This is what creates the all day glazed finish and I would assume what enables to it to stay put so well, it’s effectively waterproof. It feels sticky until it’s removed, that doesn’t go away but it’s not so sticky you don’t want to press your lips together and if you do it doesn’t seem to affect the wear time. You need at least a couple of ‘coats’ to get a bold colour out of one of the Caresse Shine Stains which is no issue however if you do feel like retouching.. don’t. I found that when I’d worn mine all day and the added another layer for the evening it didn’t like it, it was similar to when you over-rub a body lotion, the formula went all ‘bitty’ on my lips. I would recommend you wipe off the remainder and start over if you want to reapply. The picture above was actually taken in the evening as I’d forgotten to take one first thing and I did add a light layer to give it back it’s shine but I think it’s a good picture to share as you can see very minimal bleeding and although the colour has deepened in the creases of my lips it hasn’t gathered in the dry areas as most stains do. Overall this is a very impressive product and although £7.99 is not cheap for the drugstore it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the YSL which I no longer feel the urge to buy as this does the job perfectly. My only wish is that the shade range was larger, I’d like to see a really good bright pink.. expect more swatched of these from me! – Here’s my original review

The Maybelline (as I mentioned) is a totally different animal. While I was wearing this I had to go back and check the packaging to check that is was in fact a stain. Initially it appears to have a glossy finish like the L’Oreal but that fades fast and within an hour or two as does most of the colour. I had that irritating darkness at the bottom of my top lip which is generally where stains cling as it’s drier and by the end of the day I was left with only a faint upper lip line and nothing resembling a gloss of any kind. I decided it was more like a long lasting lipstick in a cream form and that it would be best for nights out or occasions when you are happy to touch up you lips every hour or two so I wore it to work.. it didn’t go well. By 10.00 it was patchy and even another application didn’t make it better, it just gave a wash of colour over obviously patchy lipstick and although the girls at work said they liked the colour I could tell they were thinking “…but everything else looks awful” lol. This was a massive disappointment for me because I loved it but it’s no better than the felt tip stains I tried two years ago and hated. If you have perfectly smooth lips this will probably wear away naturally and leave a little stain but if you have any dryness whatsoever, steer clear! I will not be repurchasing from this range! – Here’s my original review, however it’s a lot more favourable that this one!

If you don’t like the thought of stick gloss then might I suggest the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain? Also a great product which prehaps could have been compared to the two above but at the time I believed these to be of similar formula where that is very different.. turns out they’re all their own anyway so for the sake of argument if you do have drier lips I would recommend the Revlon and if you want to see how the other two got on you can watch this video..

If you’ve tried any of the products mentioned let me know how you got on with them ’cause we can’t all like the same things and perhaps you have a better way of using them that you could share with us all? Similarly if you’ve reviewed them yourself feel free to leave your link!

Miss BB



  1. 16 March, 2013 / 12:23 am

    I love the YSL glossy stains and my bank balance loves the loreal dupes xx

  2. Kiran
    5 May, 2013 / 9:57 am

    If you like the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains then I suggest you try the MUA Power Pouts, they’re advertised as a ‘Lip Tint/Balm” and for £3 it’s much more student friendly 🙂

    Kiran x

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