Beauty Events

Has anyone been to a beauty event?
I never have!
I follow LOTS of people on twitter.. mostly youtubers and I love that they have their own little community!
I love the idea of being invited to launch parties and pr events but doubt I’d make any youtube friends 🙁
I don’t mesh well with cliques.. there are so many vlogger and bloggers put ther that already know each other. I’m not so popular now but if I become more popular in the future and AM invited to this stuff is there a hierarchy? I dont know!
So… I’ve been invited to a superdrug christmas pr event.. exciting? yes! But I dont want to go all the way to london on my own (2.5hours thanks  you very much)
so I can take someone along they tell me.. my boyfriend would of course oblige but I’d hate for him to feelall odd one outy with all the girls… my ONLY friend can’t get off work and so I invited my go to youtube “friend” kelly (allthingsarty) who is from blackpool…
she said she’s love to accompany me, of course… we’ve never met :s

What are these events like? are the girls the same mean bitchy girls I remember from school (the reason I eventually LEFT school) I don’t do well with girls.. they dont tend to like me, I dont know what it is about me.. maybe I’m just REALLY annoying?! I dunno.
Anyway! I thought I’d voice my concerns on my blog.. so you all know that i the future if I DO get invited to this stuff I will be anxious and scared!
Have any of YOU been invited to this event?

let me know!

any tips for my nerves at meeting new blogger girls for the first time??
I dont do well in new social situations 🙁


miss bb


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  1. 4 March, 2013 / 12:58 am

    I would say be really grateful to be invited to the superdrug event. I certainly would be. You need to go into these things with a positive attitude. It will be a great experience and so many girls would love to be invited (like myself).
    Hope you have fun.
    Jen x

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