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Last week I was contacted my MoneySupermarket who wanted to give me £50 to revamp a room in my home.. ah-mazing! I have had Ella’s bedroom on my to do list for the longest time, she’s had new furniture and bedding etc but in the 4 years we’ve lived her we’ve never properly redecorated and it was looking pretty grim so the task pushed me to finally do it. I had already painted the panel behind her bed pink in a bid to freshen things up a couple of years ago so that gives it a pop of colour but I decided to keep the rest of the walls white (partly because of the limited budget – white is cheaper). With that in mind I wanted everything to look cleaner, she had posters and school work up on the walls and even when her room was tidy it looked a mess so my theme was minimalistic.. for a 7 year old.

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How I spent the £50..

  • Bedding £11 – Asda – (we did most of our shopping there) – buy here
  • Clock – £6 – Asda (in the sale – she can’t tell time yet) – oddly it’s full price here
  • Small white wicker drawers – £5 – Asda – these were on sale but here are some similar
  • Lampshade £5 – Asda – not exact but similar here
  • Flower string lights (over bed) – £10 – Asda – buy here
  • 2 ‘pen holders’ (actually for the bathroom) – £1 each – Asda – can’t find online but you can see the range here
  • Curtain Hooks – 2x 10 at £2.48 each = £4.96 – B&Q – buy here
  • Paint – £5.98 – B&Q – I got a huge 5L tub for that price and also did the drawer fronts with it – buy here

So if my maths is correct I came in at 6p under budget!

Other big changes..

I moved a lot of furniture around, it was so cluttered and she just didn’t need it. I had intended to get her a new TV for her birthday and move things as I have but that’s a couple of months away so I did just take out the long, dark unit and put the tall drawers and mirror next to the two white tables but when I mentioned it to my Mum she happened to have a spare. I know that’s kind of cheating so you can just pretend the big TV is still there if it bothers you but I’m so pleased with the layout as it is and now Ella’s asked for ‘Netflix’ for her birthday (Apple TV it is then). Taking down all of the posters and freshening up the walls was a huge improvement, there was pen and dirty hand prints all over the place – there’s been a threat of big trouble if she ever draws on these beautiful new white walls. The bedding Ella chose was again a little less fussy and I happened to have pillows (random fact: they were a gift from a friend on my 14th birthday) that went perfectly with the colours. Finally I think that painting the drawer fronts made the world of difference to bring the room together, I hate to mix furniture usually so I feel better now the colours are grouped.. the pine drawers and mirror are together, the paler Ikea drawers are with the similarly coloured desk which also has a white panel in the back so it ties in with the white in the drawers which in turn connects with the wardrobes.. is it just me? I’m peculiar, I know. The string of lights above the bed was a cute finishing touch that I think bridges that gap between little girl and tween and given that she’s about to turn 8 I didn’t want to decorate her room in a super young style as before I know it she will be asking for something more grown up so I think I’ve found a happy medium. You may have also noticed a little extra decor on the drawers.. glitter nail polish at Ella’s request as she thought they looked too plain. On last mention you would never notice was that the curtain hooks were so old and needed replacing as they kept pinging off when she closed them so that was an invisible addition to the room.

So, what do you think? Ella has seen the majority of the changes but I spent the best half of today clearing out and reorganising her wardrobes which will be a huge surprise for her when she gets back from her Dad’s house on Wednesday and she hasn’t seen it all put together yet so I’m excited to unveil the final makeover. When I was a kid I remember my Mum redoing my room for me while I was away (changing rooms was very popular back then – I think she got the bug) and I loved it but it must have killed her to see it in such a state all the time. I’ve never been a tidy person but it’s only when you have your own kids and these moments arise that you realise how annoying you must have been (/still be) to live with. Hopefully Lee can impart some of his neat freak tendancies and she will pick up less of mine.

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  1. 3 June, 2013 / 9:10 pm

    That looks so nice! I agree, the white drawers make it look much more ‘together’.

    Bree 🙂

  2. 3 June, 2013 / 10:56 pm

    I’m forever rearranging my room, and my youngest brother’s room – you did a great job for a budget of £50. I’d probably spend that on a throw for my bed, alone! I really need to learn to budget. Great post!

    Chlo | http://www.chloodonnell.co.uk


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