Big Boy Bed

IMG_3904 copyMy little Milo turned 3 last weekend (where has that time gone??!) and for his birthday he got his first big boys bed along with a redecorated bedroom. His room was the same as when he was tiny so it was due an update but more than that it had become a bit of a dumping ground for all of his old clothes etc.. it’s so tough to throw things away (I’m a but of a hoarder) so that all needed to go too. First let’s take a look at how his room WAS..

IMG_3877IMG_3879IMG_3880IMG_3878For a while he’s been sleeping in his cot with one side removed.. we didn’t want to plump for the full bed until we knew he wasn’t going to revert back but he loved being able to get in and out and more shockingly he actually still stayed in it and slept through the night. We figured it was safe to get rid of it so a new bed was ordered – a CAR bed.. I thought I’d be more excited than he was but when it arrived he didn’t stop jumping up and down until it was made. Excited isn’t even the word. Luckily we haven’t had any issues with him adjusting to the new bed AND it was on sale – all the links will be at the end of the post for those interested.

IMG_3899IMG_3900IMG_3901I didn’t want to have to paint ALL of the walls but I needed to paint over the green ‘feature’ wall, I chose ‘Georgia’ from B&Q which took only 2 coats to be totally even and streak free – not bad to say I did it all with a brush. A last minute idea was to paint the drawer fronts in an attempt to tie in the colour scheme.. it worked really well, I tried to get a bit of a shabby chic look painting them lightly and intentionally leaving brush strokes. The only issue is that it needs some kind of lacquer to seal them, it’s obviously not the right kind of paint PLUS I didn’t prepare the wood etc so I can scratch the paint off if I’m not careful. That’s the next job!

IMG_3907IMG_3905IMG_3904Most of the decorative accents I already had.. the theme was red white and blue but I also wanted to give it an American style.. I looked everywhere for a US flag bedding set which I have seen in so many stores before but as soon as I wanted one.. nowhere to be found. I’m going to order one online as well as some other finishing touches so I may do an update if you’re interested but this striped bedding I picked up from Asda will do in the meantime. I gave him my Route 66 sign (must be true love cause I seriously LOVE it!) and stuck on this Taxi wall sticker which is SO cool and he has so far managed not to pull off the wall – score! One thing I really want to add is some kind of baseball cap storage.. such a little American kid thing (to me) and Milo is already a love of caps so I want somewhere to display his ever growing collection – I’m almost certain there will be an update on this room actually.

Here are the links to everything you may want..

 If you’re interested in the bunting from his ‘before’ room check out this tutorial – link – the rest of the furniture is old and no longer available.. though I’m sure there will be alternatives you can find. I will leave with some pictures of the boys making the bed (but let’s be real.. I made it!) and Milo on his actual birthday doing his very best Wallace (as in Wallace and Gromit for those who have no idea) impression..

IMG_3883IMG_3885IMG_3941Happy Third Birthday Milo, guess you’re really not a baby anymore.. offcially a big boy!

Miss BB

*The taxi wall sticker was provided as a PR sample



  1. Marie
    18 November, 2014 / 10:26 pm

    Aw bless him what a lovely post. I love his bed it is something I would buy my son , when I see these beds in shops I always get excited for when I have my own xox

  2. Jodie
    19 November, 2014 / 12:43 am

    Aww he looks so happy. I want a new bed now haha

  3. Genevieve
    19 November, 2014 / 12:58 am

    What a gorgeous little boy you have! I can still remember the excitement when I got my eldest son his first bed. He really loved it. That car bed is so fabulous for a little boy. I am sure he will feel all grown up now he has his bed. Thank you for the lovely post.

  4. 19 November, 2014 / 3:54 pm

    Been reading your blog for so long but i cannot believe Milo is three now! Real flair for interior design there, have you been watching The Great Interior Design Show by any chance? Loved what you did with the drawers really tied everything together!

    Cloey x

    • missbudgetbeauty
      20 November, 2014 / 8:25 pm

      you and me both!!! no lol.. not been watching that, must be a childhood spent watching home front 😉

  5. 25 November, 2014 / 11:36 pm

    Aww your little boy is so cute! When he comes up in your weekly vlogs he just makes me laugh and smile with the things he says.

    Glad he loved his room, big boy bed ftw! My nephews loved it when they were moved from their cribs to their beds. 🙂

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