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I’ll admit I’ve received awards like these in the past and considered them kind of spam. Like the old “chain letter” – do x,y,z and then pass this on to however many of your friends and it will bring you luck.. blah blah blah!
But when a blogger I really like gave me this “award” I thought I would accept it and pass it along to my other favourite bloggers. It calls for 7 random facts and to recommend/award 15 bloggers you love. I think 15 is a little excessive so I’m going to go for 10. I’m a little selective when it comes to bloggers/youtubers so I’m only going to award those that I am really loving right now.
First my 7 random facts.
  • I didn’t subscribe to anyone/follow any blogs or even have a twitter account before I uploaded my first youtube video. I only realised how big the community was a couple of weeks in.
  • I am due to have my second child on 22nd November… have I told you guys about my baby blog? (a boy) haha.. check it out here
  • I’m a “dog person” I’ve really never liked cats.. you never know what they’re thinking! 
  • My favourite TV show of all time is Friends. I watch a disc a night while I’m going to sleep. I could watch it every day forever!
  • I am getting married in Las Vegas in March 2012
  • I had Imogen Heapon my iPod before she got all uber popular when that Derulo chap samples her song. I first heard Hide and Seek on The OC and have loved her music since then.
  • I don’t know my natural hair colour. I have been dying it since I was about 11 and back then it was a mousey, dark blonde, “nothing” colour.
Now for my favourite bloggers.
I hope you accept this gesture in the manner intended. I really love you girls and your blogs and would recommend them to anyone! If you don’t already follow these blogs.. you really should!

  • Kandeeland – This is Kandee Johnson’s personal blog, I love her beauty blog too.. just not quite as much.
  • LoveMaegan is a fashion and lifestyle blog. It’s like style porn. Warning you could get lost in it for days!
  • CreatureGorgeous – Originally a wedding blogger she continued to blog after her big day recording her pregnancy and now motherhood.
  • DulceCandy needs no introduction. I basically just check back every few days to paw over her fabulous outfit posts.
  • JeuneMarie – This blog has been inactive for 5 months so it may seem strange to award it but I still miss JeuneMarie and hope she returns.
  • LanaIndiana blogs about whatever she feels like. She’s having a real tough time right now so any extra support would I’m sure be welcome.
  • BuyNowBlogLater – Laura aka Lollipop26writes has returned to blogging with a new url. Need I say more?
  • YMBeautyBlog – Yummy Mummy Holly is also a youtuber but you can find more frequent updates from her on her blog.
  • PinkSweetsz – A lovely blogger and tweeter allowing me to attend cool London events vicariously through her.
  • MizzWorthy – A very creative blogger with a very professional blog. You can expect great reviews as well as more personal posts.

Hope this award may change your mind about these things as it did mine.. if not then hopefully some of you might check out some of my favourite bloggers and love them too!



  1. 1 August, 2011 / 9:23 pm

    Thank you!!! I'm totally a dog gal too and have no idea what my natural hair colour is either. xx

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