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Most of you will have heard of BuyaPowa. They are quite possibly the best company out there at utilising social media to make their business work and this week is extra special for us beauty bloggers as we’ve had the chance to choose our very own co-buy. 
“Bloggers Week” has begun. It’s pretty exciting and having seen the line up of my favourite bloggers and their recommended products I’m looking forward to grabbing some serious bargains. I do unfortunately feel the need to mention that I am not being compensated in any way for lending my name to one of todays deal. I am as always just pleased to have been asked, I love working with BuyaPowa and it fits in with my blogging ethos perfectly. It’s not that I don’t like high end products it’s just that I don’t like their high end prices.. enter co-buying. 
So the product I chose was Benefits latest ‘blush in a box’ release “Hervana”. I can’t say it’s my favourite product as I don’t even own it but having swatched it every time I pass the Benefit counter it has been top of my wish list for weeks but lets face it.. £23.50 for a blush is..well… a bit much! I’ve been waiting for BuyaPowa to have it on offer so jumped at the chance to get it there myself. £17.50 is still not exactly budget friendly but if your a Benefit blush collector like myself you won’t be able to resist!
As I said it will be a week of blogger picks and I will be coming to you with my favourites as and when they go live. I have added the Buyapowa ribbon to my sidebar so that you can check back for the latest co-buys in the meantime. If you’re totally new to co-buying you can read my explanatory post here
For now my co-buy is live and kicking and selling fast
Get yours here
Miss BB


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  1. Anonymous
    27 February, 2012 / 11:14 pm

    Thanks so much for picking this! I've wanted it for ages and you've saved me splashing out full price! An added 'benefit'(you see what i did there?) to you is that I'd never heard of you blog but now im about to pop off and follow you on blog lovin', cheers again!

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