blonde? again? yes?

Brunette didn’t last long this time around..
My hair must be in pretty bad condition now ’cause it faded out soooo fast!
So in theory bleach would not be the way to go…BUT..
I’m thinking colour b4 will lift… I will use a toner shampoo and hopefully get myself to a dark blonde.. then maybe in a month or so put a few highlights in and I wont have to dye to often..
anyone gonna talk me out of it or am I going for it?
probably tomorrow 😛
this was the picture that swayed it..

Damn you hilary duff and your cosy new york style
In all honesty I think if she had been in la I wouldn’t have liked it so much… man! I’m so easily influenced. The fact I’m watching SATC2 and pining for NYC doesn’t help… and SJPs honey coloured lock lust is there in the mix too…
anywho… there shall be a video… watch out!
miss bb

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