Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip in Babe #30lipsin30days

I know I covered this the other day in my review of the Cherry colour but although these Crushed lipsticks are some of my favourites they definitely perform differently based on the condition of your lips. I realise that sounds obvious but when I first tested these I couldn’t say enough good things about them and aside from the cost I couldn’t think of a con. Now I know that if your lips are on the dry side you may not have that ‘wow’ first impression I did.

My lips are crazy dry at the moment (probably testing so many different lipsticks!!) and although this is still one of the most moisturising options I could opt for it’s not as nourishing and balm like as I first thought. It can wear away to a less than perfect finish if your lips aren’t perfect to begin with and so the crown has slipped a little. Still a great formula, still amazing pigmentation and very comfortably and flattering but not as incredible as I previously thought.


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  1. Potimarron
    16 September, 2018 / 8:02 am

    My lips are really dry at the moment too (combination of the change in seasons and a head cold). I’ve found that putting my night cream on my lips before bed helps.

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