Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipstick in Crush #30lipsin30days

Pow! I love thins colour! It’s so bright but warm and somehow it lights me up. You know when you find a lipstick (or any makeup really) that when you put it on you’re like ‘oh! this is for me!’? Well that’s how I feel about this.

My favourite of all the Crushed lipsticks now. I think there’s a reason they chose to name this one after the entire collection, it’s the best example of the range! It packs a serious punch; pigment wise, lasts for hours and hours and yet is still glossy and fresh looking. These were the lipsticks that made me reconsider my liquid lip addiction when they launched last year and although I’ve never given up on them entirely this was effectively a gateway back to regular lipsticks for me. As I’ve gotten older I’ve leaned towards more flattering finishes and that includes a glossy (or at least satin) lip. It’s youthful and the bright colour (so long as you choose the right one for you) gives you colour. For some cons to these Crushed lipsticks you can read the other reviews from this series here and here and I have the entire collection swatched in this post.




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